Governments Aware Citizens about AIDS

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AIDS is one o the most dangerous disease of contemporary time. If this disease affects a person, then he or she is going to die and that is the only consequence. There is no medicine is available in the market for this disease. An AIDS affected person could do nothing than just waiting for the death. So, the best solution out for this disease is prevention. If you can’t cure a disease, then better stay away from that disease. This is why, governments of dozens of African countries started awaking people about this deadly diseases; so that people could not get affected with this disease.

HIV or Human Immune Virus is responsible for AIDS. This virus can be transmitted from one person to another. This virus can’t infect a person directly. This virus gets transmitted from one person to another, when the blood of a normal person comes in the contact of an affected person. Now, let us discuss, how a person could stay awat from HIV.

  • The HIV virus can be transmitted at the time of sexual relationship. If a normal person is keeping sexual relationship with an AIDS affected person, then the normal person would be affected with HIV. This is why, one should be cautious at the time of making sexual relationship with any stranger. In fact, the sexual intercourse with any unknown person should be avoided. However, if a person is going to have sex with a stranger, then he or she should go for protected sex. One should wear condom at the time of making sex with any stranger. Now condom is available for both males and females. Those are available at very cheap rate also. At the same time, condom is now available at almost everywhere. So, it is not difficult to use condoms.
  • At the time of shaving at any barber shop, one should make sure that the razor and the blade is properly sterilized. The blade should be new and the razor should be properly sterilized. It is better to shave at at home, rather than at any barbershop.
  • At the time of taking any injection, one should make sure that the needle is new. No needle should be reused. Yes, a needle could be reused for the same person but it should not be reused for anyone else.
  • HIV virus can be transmitted though saliva. So, deep kissing with any stranger should be avoided.

Keep all the above mentioned things on top of your mind, if you want to stay awat from AIDS.





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