Grape Seed Extract Kills Cancer Cells

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As per a research report, it was reported that 12,000 individuals are expected to die of neck and head cancer in United States of America this year and this will exceed half a million all around the world. A study which was published in a medical journal puts forward that in mouse models and both cell lines, extracts of grape seeds kills the neck and head squamous cell and carcinoma cells, while it leaves the healthy cells unharmed. This result is considered dramatic, admitted by Rajesh Agarwal, professor and investigator by profession. He teaches at Skaggs educational Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences and conducts his investigation at University of Colorado cancer center.

He puts forward that it depends on a large part on the ability of the healthy cells to wait out the injury. Cancer cells are rapid growing cells and not only this, in fact they are necessitating fast growing cells. If any condition arise that they do not grow, the result will be that they will die. Extracts of grape seeds create such conditions which are unfavorable for the growth. These seed extracts damage the cancer cell’s DNA (by increasing the reactive oxygen species) and forbids the pathway which allows repair (as noticed by the diminishing level of the DNA repair molecules).

However, they saw no harm to the mice. The results showed that the seeds killed the cancer cells and did not harm healthy cells. Rajesh Agarwal further adds that cancer cells have many defective pathways and they are extremely defenseless if you aim those pathways. This does not apply with healthy cells.  The Agarwal Lab hopes that on increasing the consumption of grape seed extracts, one can reduce the probability of being exposed to head and neck cancer. The lab hopes to looks forward on the route of the clinical trials of extracts of grape seed. This can be considered as second line therapy which targets neck and head squamous cell carcinoma, since this has failed the first treatment.

As per, “some types of cancer run in certain families, but most cancers are not clearly linked to the genes we inherit from our parents. In this section you can learn more about the complex links between genes and cancer, as well as genetic testing and how it is used.”




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