Grapefruit juice may interact with certain medications

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1. Overview

A nutraceutical product is a food or part of a natural food product whose use is beneficial to health, both for prevention and treatment of disease. Grapefruit juice contains several compounds that have positive effects in case arteries hardening (atherosclerosis) and reduces the risk of cancer.

Grapefruit juice is considered a classic nutraceutical product. However, in many people who use drugs, drinking grapefruit juice may have not very pleasant consequences. It seems that grapefruit juice may interact directly or indirectly in a significant way with a number of drugs.


1. Overview
2. Grapefruit interaction with medications
3. When a drug interacts with grapefruit juice?
4. Drugs that interact with grapefruit juice

2. Grapefruit interaction with medications

Grapefruit juice is consumed by many people at breakfast, when using more drugs. The interaction of this fruit with drugs was discovered accidentally by a group of researchers who were investigating how alcohol acts with felodipine and it was used for this purpose a solution of alcohol with grapefruit juice to mask the taste of alcohol used in the study.

Thus they found that blood levels of felodipine increased much more compared to the previous studies. This increase determined the amplification of felodipine’s side effects. Further research revealed that grapefruit juice itself was that that caused the growth of the amount of drugs involved in the study.

Besides grapefruit, the fruits that modify the drug action include both the Seville oranges and pomelos. Currently there is no evidence that other fruit juice affect the drugs effect.

3. When a drug interacts with grapefruit juice?

Interaction between certain types of drugs and grapefruit juice may occur even after consuming a small amount of juice. However, if a person likes grapefruit juice and wants to continue to enjoy its taste, it is advisable to seek medical drug replacement with one that does not interact with grapefruit.

4. Drugs that interact with grapefruit juice

Here are some of the drugs that interact with grapefruit juice:
- Anxiety – alprazolam, buspirone, triazolam;
- Depression – fluvoxamine, sertraline;
- Allergies – fexofenadine;
- Abnormal heart rhythms – amiodarone, quinidine;
- Cardiovascular disease, stroke, blood clots – warfarin;
- Epilepsy – carbamazepine;
- Cancer – ifosfamide;
- Cough – dextrometorfan;
- Enlarged prostate – finasteride
- High blood pressure – carvedilol, felodipine
- Erectile dysfunction – sildenafil citrate;
- Asthma – theophylline;
- High cholesterol – simvastatin;
- Pain – fentanyl, alfentanil;
- Infection – erythromycin, clarithromycin.

Any person who undergoes medical treatment and like grapefruit’s taste should discuss this with his doctor before including this fruit in his diet.



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