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Health insurance is an issue that everybody has heard of, regardless if they have it or not. Many people have at least an idea on what health insurance is about and in what way this can help you, but there are others who do not know even the basics of this concept, so this article is meant bring light in to this matter. What is therefore the definition of health insurance?

Health insurance is part of the man y formats of group insurance through which individuals pay taxes or premiums for getting health coverage when they and their families need to pay for health care services. Through health insurance, a financial plan is conceived in order to cover the risks estimated in case of health care expenses. This plan is designed for an entire year and so are the payments included for this health insurance structure.

This structure relies on a payment that is regularly paid as premium or insurance taxes. Being under a health insurance plan, individuals and their families can rest assured that whenever they would need coverage for medical expenses, the money is there for them. These benefits are usually under the regulation of a main institution, which is generally in the form of the insurance company.

When closing the deal on health insurance policy it normally means that you, as a paying individual, agree upon a contract made with the insurance agency. This contract will be renewed whenever you pay the premium regardless if this one is set to be paid monthly or yearly.

Various forms of payment are presented to you such as premium, deductible, co-payment and co-insurance. The benefits that you can get once closing this contract should be listed inside the pages of this contract and the health care benefits will be further covered by this policy as agreed by both of the parts.

There are some policies to cover the costs related to the prescription drugs and in this way, the health insurance policy holder will benefit from free medication whenever his doctor or his health care provider prescribes him one.

Having health insurance, your doctor will bill the insurance company for your medical needs, but you should agree in writing that you will be able to pay anything that your insurance agency won’t pay.

This is the reason why the majority of these health insurance providers will present you a list of medical professionals they deal with on regular basis. These medical bodies will agree to take the insurance payment once they offer their services to you as a health insurance policy holder.

As a general note, you should know that health insurance is relatively a new concept proposed by Hugh the Elder Chamberlain in 1964. In the late years of 19th century there was accident insurance operating in the same way the disability insurance does in our present days.



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