Hair bleaching: home remedies

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If gray hairs appear too early, you should not worry, this is normal.

According to studies, quite many women aged up to 30 years, found that they have first white hairs.

Hair dye is not always an effective solution for covering white hair, sometimes it is dry difficult to dye.


1. Overview
2. Why does hair bleaching occur?
3. Solutions that can be applied at home or in beauty salons

Why does hair bleaching occur?

Pigment-producing cells called melanocytes cause hair color and this way result: brown, blond, red or black hair.

Melanin production slows as we age, and when this stop working, the hair becomes gray and then white. For some people, melanin production never stops, and they will keep their natural hair color for many years, even at the age of 80. Usually, hair bleaching comes gradually.

Experts have divided opinions: some of them believe that melanin production is exclusively genetically determined, while others believe that other factors are important, but most believe that genetics plays an important role. For most of the people, the hair will turn into white at a certain age. White hair is just hair without pigment.

Researchers have identified in mice a mechanism that can turn hair color from gray to black. However, until there is clear evidence that this technique could be applied in humans, it will consider other strategies that can change the white color of the hair.

Solutions that can be applied at home or in beauty salons

If a person has some gray or white hairs, dye it at home is the easiest and cheapest option. For best results, experts recommend using two boxes of permanent colored (waterproof) – one that is in tune with the natural color and one that is a shade darker.

Apply to the roots, the length of a half of inch or one inch – darker color on the roots and lighter color on the ends. Because white hairs are mostly quite resistant to hair dye, it is best to call a professional stylist if you want to get a nice, uniform and durable color.

Hair stylist can apply a special substance that will make the hair cuticles to be more responsive to color molecules that will be absorbed. Whichever method is chosen, it will try to protect the color.

Lower moisture from the hair and rough hair care products can accelerate fading, so it is recommended to use products specially formulated to protect hair color.



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