Hair fall: causes and control

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Hair loss can be experienced nowadays by both men and women and even though science seems to have developed a lot in the last decade, remedies for women hair loss are not that many as we would like.

Specialists say we normally loose in a day up to 100 hairs. Of course the hair regenerates continuously and this is why we don’t get to be bold in one month of loosing hair daily.

The reason why women loose so much hair is mostly due to hormonal imbalances that occur during pregnancy and afterwards, if taking certain birth control pills, and during menopause. Genetics can play an important part into hair fall too. Some people start loosing a lot of hair after the age of 12 and this is a family trait, especially in men. In women high levels of testosterone can lead to‘man like’ alopecia. Even infections of the scalp, like psoriasis, eczemas and mycosis can lead to a massive hair fall. Thyroid affections and diabetes, certain drugs and even stress are responsible too for this unpleasant phenomenon.

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Hair Fall

In case the hair loss was caused by giving birth, you should wait a little while as it will probably grow back in time. Until the hair regenerates you can try a different hairdo, as it will mask the bald areas and will aid you remain calm when going out in the society.

Nowadays there are special lotions based on minoxidil that have helped both men and women into getting back their loss hair. The problem with this treatment is that you must use it a long time, for 3 or 4 moths until the results are visible and afterwards you must continue to use it for an undetermined period of time otherwise the newly regenerated hair will fall again after interrupting the treatment.

Try not to invest so much hope into supplements. Supplements that are based on zinc, silica and vitamin A work in some cases, but only in those that have been caused by an excess of sebum production.

The best thing to do when you see you are loosing too much hair is to go to your family doctor and find out what is the cause of your hair loss. By determining the cause you can get a targeted treatment and not waste money on products that don’t even suit your case.

As a last option, if nothing works and your hair does not regenerate, you can opt for hair transplant. It is a bit expensive, but it will do wonders to your looks and to your feelings too as not all of us can easily accept hair loss.

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  1. I saw you on digg so good job. I have been very into hairloss since I started thinning at 19 and so many things haven’t worked. I got great transplants and the tech has change a lot.

    My sister started thinning and by 40 something had to be done. She got micro grafts done and problem is solved. Women definitely have a whole set of different causes and treatments than men, but the grafting will work very well on women.

    Just so you girls know, you are not missing out on anything because I have tried every remedy out there and nothing works. Minoxidil and propecia are not things that have any real cosmetic benefit.

    I have been using some shampoo that I actually see real growth in my hairline with, but that’s about it.

    I recommend transplants for women. It is quick,easy, and the tech is so so good now, that nobody will ever be ever to tell you did anything.

    As for cost, It would be worth putting it on credit cards. Having a little debt is better than feeling real desperation or depression over a solvable problem. If it means changing the way you feel about yourself, it is worth the investment.

    Balding Men are one thing, but I really feel for the women out there.

    (hair loss nut)

  2. wow..unexpected statistic that we normally loose in a day up to 100 it real?because my hair not like that

  3. bornali chetia says:

    My hair has become very thin because of hair fall.I can’t make it stop.Whenever i put shampoo or oil it falls at a high rate.What i will do now.

  4. bornali chetia says:

    Right now i m doing my degree course in assam.So at present prefer me some shampoo or oil that will help me to grow new hair or which will stop my hairfall problem.

  5. bornali chetia says:

    How much it cost for transplant of hair.

  6. Worth Reading!! thank you for sharing the info.

  7. “”Hi . I’m male and 23 years old.From 5 month ago and after several physical stress and worked with chemical material my body hair thin and reduce grow and skin hair fall in all scalp and my scalp flaky and produce dandruff and my skin drying.also i have another problem have in hair dry,thin,color change,dandruff,loss in edge of scalp,and some times loss 2or3 eyelash and brows.and the other problems are:dry skin,fatigue,line in nail and pain in finger and… zinc(zn) result are 10 (range are 11.1-19.5). CORTISOL 8am 489 (171-536). Testosterone 7.92 (2.8-8) . FSH 2.76 (11.4-13.4).Please help and guide me!
    Thank you and best regards.

  8. my age is just 16 years old im a female n my hairs were very beautiful 2 years before but now they r very thin n lifeless n i have very much hair fall ,, my blood level is ok but i have an periods problem..
    i need a solution ..

  9. Mohsin here, weeping coz my hair is thinning ,hurts when make it high with fingers,sugest any natural remedy to make it thicker please please please

  10. Hi there,
    my age is just 17 years old, I am a female and my hair was very beautiful 2 years ago, now it is very thin and lifeless and I have very much hair fall
    I visited my doctor and only what I got is a vitamin Centrum . Please help what it could be how to stop it. I am really worrying.

  11. DrowningPool says:

    Hi fellas,
    My age is 20yrs…my hairs are falling and i don’t want to get bald a such less age….please help me save my hairs

  12. arun jain says:

    I m 21 yrs my hair falling regularly.please help me

  13. hi im only 16years old and my hair starts falling when i was 15 im now going to 17. I lose about 20-30 hairs a day. is there something wrong with my scalp? my scalp is itchy and my hair is dry.. PLEASE help me! I dont wanna be bald in a young age…. any idea that could help me?

  14. My dad’s side of the family has hair loss problems as they grow older. So I guess I have a good chance of losing most my hair at the age of 75. Not looking forward to it.

  15. It seems like there is no easy cure for hair loss, it’s a complex thing. I think you have to make sure your over all health is good before going on to use minoxidil and things like that.

  16. Sir,
    my age is just 35 years old, I am a female and my hair was very beautiful 2 years ago, now it is very thin and lifeless and I have very much hair fall
    I visited my doctor and only what I got is a vitamin biotin. Please help what it could be how to stop it. I am really worrying.

  17. hai im meenal!i have sivere hair fall since one density of hair has become very thin.i don’t have dandruff.what should i do to grow my hair thick?

  18. hi this is ravi my hair is falling regularly please tell me some tips to controll hair fall

  19. Hillary Ray says:

    thanks, informative read. i have been trying to deal with my gradual hair loss for quite a while. the best thing i have found so far was the book at, they have great tips how you can regrow hair without rogaine

  20. hi i am Ayesha, i have sivere hair fall since 2 density of hair has become very thin and lifeless.i have dandruff. im not able to control hair fall, im 30yrs old female and i have a 4yr old kid, what should i do to grow my hair….. if i dont wash my hair every alternate dates it starts itching, pls sugest me wt to do !!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Hi fellas,
    My age is 22yrs…my hairs are falling and i don’t want to get bald a such less age….please help me save my hairs. i m using mintop 10% and finesteride(finax) tab………..using last for 1 years but i think ths time i have lost more number of hair……………please help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  22. my hairs are falling upto 20 to 30 hairs falling daily please help me so i can look smart

  23. I having daughter of 6 yrs old, she is having problem of hair fall, we use her johnson &johnson shampoo
    Please help her for hairfall

  24. D.a shaikh says:

    Hi friendes i have a problem of hair loss. Can you help me in this thing that why my hairs r loss from my head?

  25. Hello friends !
    I am a 22 year old female & I am facing the problem of hair loss since I was at the age of 15 It’s increasing day by day …I have tried many products present in the market like Mintop , various shampoos but still can’t control it …Please tell me what to do…

  26. sir,
    i m of 17 yr my hair loss continuously, i do mstrvation can due to mstrbation my hai loss?? plz hlp me hw to cure frm hair loss plz plz

  27. I’m jeelam, male, 24. I have hair falling prob, day by day incresing, baldness. pls wanna stop soon this , help me soon as posible, am shamed to go outside with my friends

  28. I m 23 yrs my hair falling regularly.please help me

  29. am 15 years old. before 6 moths my hair fall till know what i should do for that.

  30. i am 26 male. recently i got lots of hair fall. please tel me the suggestion that how could i protect my hair & regrowth of my hair.. please tel me the solution & treatments.

  31. hye… m kirthi here..m juz 20.. m aso having same pwobz as well as other here… ma hair was so nice n thick few years ago, but ten now ma baldness cn be seen…. m relly worried bot thiz til affects ma studies.. plz help me on how to prevent hair fall n gain ma hairs bec… vil b very thankful ..

  32. I am 22 years old and My hair has become very thin because of hair fall.Whenever i shampoo or oil my hair it falls at a high rate.What should i do now.please suggest me.

  33. ch.v.suresh says:

    i am 26 y i got little bald and i don’t want to get more please say the how to control it
    thank you

  34. md yusuf ali says:

    my hair is falling at slow rate daily 15..and its going on from since last 2 years please give meh some solution..i dont wabt to get bald i m of just 19 years

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