Hangover Symptoms To Watch Out For

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Work is over—it’s a Friday night… what else can be a better idea than having a few drinks and enjoying the rest of the night with your friends and colleagues. Talking over a bottle of booze, chips and other fun stuff can surely be a great week ender… and soon enough, you will realize that the beer has already got hold of you. From a few sips which you initially intended to have, we’re now talking of bottles and bottles of booze.

Expect a hangover—that’s already a common thing to happen most especially if you have overdrank yourself with too much beer. Like what many people say, there are always two sides of the coin—alcohol can be fun and can make you forget all your problems, but then alcohol can be devastating, especially the morning after you have taken much of it. Here are some hangover symptoms which you might experience:

Headache—nothing can be more prominent than other hangover symptoms. This is felt most especially during the first blink you make the morning after you drank or the moment you lift your head to look at your bedside table’s alarm clock to check what time is it. When headache strikes, probably your first instinct is to take aspirin—however, this is not very much recommended since Aspirin can lead to gastric bleeding. Drinking lemon juice or tea is an effective way of counteracting headaches.

Vomiting—this is actually a defense mechanism of your body when it feels that alcohol content in your body is way too high for your system to handle. When you vomit, alcohol is expelled from your body with the rest of the vomitus. This can actually provide you relief from stomach upset due to alcohol.

Diarrhea—this is similar to what happens when we vomit. It is a body-response to expel alcohol. Apart from that, alcohol can change your intestine’s peristaltic movements, so you may suffer from frequent bouts with your toilet especially in the morning.

Loss of Appetite—if you have been having constant crushing headaches, added with episodes of throwing up, you will surely lose the will to eat! However, you have to be cautious with these hangover symptoms since you need to have a full supply of glucose and water to prevent dehydration. Eating bland foods like soda crackers and tea can help nourish your cells while suffering from this hangover symptoms.

Dizziness and Loss of Balance—these are some hangover symptoms which may already present after a few bottles of beer. This is due to the dehydration of our brain and the lack of nutrients and glucose needed to keep our brain functioning properly.

Fatigue—you may also feel like your body is too exhausted from the past night leading to feeling of tiredness and fatigue. These hangover symptoms are due to the lack of electrolytes and nutrients inside our body cells.

Hangover symptoms happen to any person who has drunk an excessive amount of alcohol, especially those who are not used to too much alcohol levels in their blood. Hangover symptoms may vary from person to person and it is important to get remedies to alleviate such symptoms.




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