Harm of Daily Consumed Aspirin on Senior’s Eyes

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It has been proved by various studies that the macular degeneration caused by the combination of drugs and increasing age make adverse effect on the health of their eyes. It has been suggested through a European study that such age linked unbearable problems to the eyes of old aged persons get twice more dangerous due to daily consumption of aspirin to cause an advanced staged of degeneration in their macula. This wet type of age-linked macular degeneration become the main link between the drug and the person and may become the main reason of old aged blindness.

The reports published in an Ophthalmology journal in the month of January revealed that daily use of aspirin could not be detected to be linked with the enhanced danger of commonly developed dry kind of AMD that may not advance greatly. The team was considering the matter for more studies as they were not confirm on the so far detected relations between daily use of aspirin by the old aged persons for inflammation, pains, minimizing the risk for heart problems and managing the clotting of blood.

“People should be aware that aspirin, often just bought over the counter without prescription, may have adverse effects — apart from major gastrointestinal and other bleeding — also for AMD,” said lead author Dr. Paulus de Jong, professor of ophthalmic epidemiology, Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience of the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences andAcademicMedicalCenter, atAmsterdam.

The crucial center of vision needed for driving, reading and usual mobility gets affected by the AMD and it gets affected due the exposure of macula of the eye, retinal core of eye, to the bleeding or leakage caused by the unevenly developed of blood cells due to daily use of aspirin. This result was derived from a survey conducted on more than 4500 person of both the genders fromEstonia,Norway, theUnited Kingdom,Italy,Spain,GreeceandFrance, ageing nearly 65 years of age.

The scholars researched on the basis of the history of smoking, drinking, frequency of aspirin use, heart attacks and strokes experienced so far and blood pressures of the persons surveyed according to their sciodemographic conditions between 2000 and 2003 and based it to the severity and range of AMD in them.

Thus, daily consumption of aspirin by old aged persons of either gender in the society may cause eye diseases due to degeneration of macula linked with age i.e. AMD



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