Harry Potter Movie Triggers Blood Test Ideas

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How is this possible to discover out in case you are pregnant that what blood kind you are? A chemical engineer from Wei Shen from Australia’ s University was thinking the oddities of detection while viewing the Harry Potter movie at his Melbourne residence. There is a clip in the chamber of Secrets where the boy wizard questions the diary of Tom riddle and surprisingly the answer appears in written form. Can it happen that you ask a paper something and you get a reply in written form? It struck the researchers why cannot a blood test be like that?

Paper gives answer in written form?

That eureka moment resulted in Wei Shen and this colleagues of Monash coming up with a novel kind of blood test which had the size of Post-it-note as well as with the texture like that of the paper towel. Wipe a small trace of blood on the paper and it will come up with an answer in written form to the kind of blood question of A, B, AB and O and if the samples are positive or negative.  The magic is that there will be four spots in the paper which shall contain antibodies which will go with the kind of blood type. The solution shows up in letters which are blood soaked as the antibodies impregnations are in the kind of letters.

The new sensor, which must go into commercial production very soon, will address the possible tragic results of blood type sensors which need knowledge in the scientific field to interpret precisely. Simple detection is never going to take place in the hospital further and simple things can be detected at home only where the results can be sent to the doctor by camera, mobile or computer.



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