Having a Walk While Under the Influence of Alcohol Can Be Dangerous

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The general public is continuously warned by the government to be careful and be responsible enough in consuming alcoholic beverages. This is because of some recorded incidences where in many individuals who are drunk are most often associated with various accidents in the streets, especially car accidents. As a response to this problem, many government states have launched policies and laws which prohibit individuals from driving a car under the influence of alcohol because of the possible accident that might happen which is considered as fatal. This is for the reason that alcohol can cause some alteration on the consciousness and alertness of an individual.

Recently, according to experts, driving under the influence of alcohol can be dangerous, but having a while being drunk can also cause serious consequences which could be fatal.

Experts reminded everyone that alcohol consumption should be moderate. Anything that are taken into excess is bad. Taking too much alcohol can cause certain alteration in the person’s cognitive functioning because the alcohol contains a sedative effect. Excessive alcohol can intoxicate the body and the brain which can then lead to impairment in judgment and coordination. Hence, accidents are more likely to occur among individuals who are under the influence of alcohol.

Dr. Thomas Esposito, a trauma surgeon at Loyola University Health System in Maywood, Ill., said that about 55 individuals back in July 2009 to June 2010 had been hit by a car because they are walking under the influence of alcohol. This was proven by the laboratories upon extraction of blood and testing for the presence of alcohol. In addition, among the 55 individuals, about 24 per cent had blood-alcohol concentrations that are considered above the accepted limits for alcohol intoxication. This means that these individuals are overly drunk when they are actually walking in the streets and suddenly accident occurs.

Moreover, with the Christmas season coming and New Year, it is expected that most of the parties and celebrations will have alcohol in the table. Experts are reminding the general public to take control of their alcohol consumption in order to prevent accidents which could be fatal or dangerous. Individuals who are drunk must also avoid driving their cars and walking in the streets because these are the major risk factors for such accidents. Generally, these coming seasons can be celebrated joyfully if everyone will remain safe and well.





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