Health Benefits of Statins To Heart Diseases

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Heart diseases are considered the most common group of diseases found and observed among the general public. This group of disease affects anyone across the globe with no distinctions of race, locality, gender, and social status. This fact is probably due to the lifestyle of many individuals which is seemed to be unhealthy. Certain vices such as smoking and heavy alcohol drinking are just but some of the contributory risk factors which can actually initiate the development of certain heart diseases.

Good thing, there are already medications and treatment available in various hospitals which can help save the lives of many individuals affected by the disease. Also, increasing number of studies is appearing to prove the effectiveness of these drugs. In fact, a long-term study concluded that the medication statins can actually give health benefits among those individuals affected by certain heart diseases.

Statins also known as HMG-CoA reductase inhibitors are group of drugs belonging to the drug class of anti-lipedimic agents. The action of this drug is to block the HMG-CoA reductase enzyme which is present in the liver responsible for the production of fats. In other words, this drug blocks the formation of fats, thus decreasing the chances of blocking down or narrowing of vessels due to cholesterol plaques. Although this drug is proven effective, still certain question regarding its safety especially for the liver, heart and certain health risks are left hanging.

The new study which was forerun by researchers at the Heart Protection Study Collaborative Group in Oxford analyzed and examined about 20,536 patients who are having the risk of cardiovascular diseases. These individuals were randomly assigned to take 40 mg of simvastatins every day or a dummy of the drug for about more than five years.

Furthermore, during the period when the study participants were taking the drug, those individuals who are consuming the drug statins had showed a decrease in the level of bad cholesterol or LDL. Also, they showed a 23 per cent reduction in episodes of vascular ill-health as compared to the study group who are consuming the placebo drug. After the trial, the monitoring was still continuous for about 6 years.

According to Richard Bulbulia, one of the investigators, he said: “The persistence of benefit we observed among participants originally allocated simvastatin during the subsequent six-year post-trial period is remarkable,”

According to the British Heart Foundation, “like all medication, statins have potential side effects that are usually mild, easy to recognise, reversible and very rarely dangerous. Statins are among the safest and the most studied drugs available today. You should tell your GP if your symptoms are getting worse or if you develop any new symptoms.”

Statins target the liver cells where cholesterol is made. Before you start taking statins, you will have a blood test to check how well your liver works. You will have a follow-up blood test a few months later.”




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