Health problems during fall

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The common health problems during the Fall months are a bit surprising to study. Summer time is time for fun and adventure for many. When Fall comes back around a cycle takes place that happens yearly. Find out a few things about health problems that are common during the Fall and Winter months.

Lyme disease is a germ that comes from ticks. In certain places up to eighty percent of the ticks are infected with this disease. The life cycle of the tick is just right for them to be abundant during the Fall months. They collect in firewood, on the shoots of plants, on the dog or cat, and generally in undisturbed areas. How do you deal with them ? If you go out where they may be wear light colored clothes so you can see them if they attach themselves to you. Put the legs of your pants inside your boots or your socks if you can. You already know what to do when you get back inside. Take off those clothes ! Put them into the dryer if you can and turn up the heat on high. They can not take the heat.

Another health problem during the Fall months is related to allergies. Hay fever is a visitor during this time of year. If you have an immune system that is not quite right, it will mistake common airborne things for a threat. This triggers a response similar to having a cold or flu. It is not real, but it feels real. Weed pollen can start this problem. For some reason if you are male, you have a better chance of having this health problem than if you are female. Also, if you are a firstborn it will increase your risk for hay fever. Antihistamines can reduce the effects of this health problem and eye drops can give relief for the itching in the eyes. Some studies have been done that show that acupuncture is also effective at treating hay fever.

Another overly common health problem during the Fall and Winter months is strep throat. Bacteria and bad hygiene are the main causes of strep throat and the common cold. As simple as it is, many people do not wash their hands when they cough into them. They know better than to cough into their hands anyway. A way to alleviate the pain of strep throat is to gargle with warm salt water. There are throat lozenges that work well also. Certain off the shelf drugs and some antibiotics are available to help fight the disease if the sufferer does not have a strong immune system.



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