Health Professionals and MEPs call for action to handle chronic health conditions

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The members of European Parliament are now calling on the EU and the Member States Presidency to take care of the difficulty of chronic diseases that are non communicable and serve to be responsible for about 86 percent of the deaths that take place in WHO European Region. This nice call is whole heartedly supported and backed by the alliance of health professionals from Europe like ESMO i.e. European Society for Medical Oncology and ECCO, the European CanCer Organization. Indeed such issues should be time and again supported by volunteer groups in order to provide a solution for the chronic diseases.

The Chronic Disease Alliance will be presenting the report to the meeting of MEPs against Cancer, the Heart Group, the EU Diabetes Working

Group and the MEP Group for Kidney Health that a unified approach towards prevention is the actual case for immediate political action in order to cut down the economic as well as social burden of chronic diseases with the help of preventive measures.
The MEPs and the Chronic Disease Alliance are thus supporting the step taken by the Belgian Presidency of EU in order to lay stress on the problem of chronic disease as the Ministerial Conference on 20th October 2010.

The very first joint discussion of the MEP Heart Group, the EU Diabetes Working Group, MEPs Against Cancer and the MEP Group for Kidney Health was organized on 5th of October at European Parliament. This was organized by MEPs Simon Busuttil, Linda McAvan, Christel Schaldemose, Marisa Matias, Frieda Brepoels, Baroness Sarah Ludford, Dirk Sterckx and Alojz Peterle.



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