Healthy cooking

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Meat is a good source of protein, vitamins and minerals, like iron, selenium, zinc, and vitamin B. It is one of the main sources of vitamin 12, which is found only in animal products like meat and milk.

From market to home

Separate raw meat from other products purchased from the shopping cart. To prevent contamination, which happens when a raw meat or meat juices are coming into contact with other products, meat in separate plastic bags.
Go home right after shopping. Frozen meat can spoil within hours. At home put meat in the freezer immediately.

Safely defrosting

Full defrosting of meat is also recommended to cook more easily. Use the refrigerator for defrosting slow and safe, or you can put meat packages in cold water. You can use the microwave only if the meat will be cooked immediately.


Meat can be marinated for several hours to get more flavor. Marinating is made in the refrigerator and not on the kitchen table.


When carrying food to a new place, keep it cold to avoid increasing bacteria.

Keep everything clean
Watch as cutlery and other utensils are clean. To prevent food poisoning, do not use the same utensils for both raw meat and cooked one. Harmful bacteria found in raw meat can infect the cooked meat.
If cooking outside the house, if there is a source of clean water. If not, take with you water for cooking and cleaning.

Finish cooking
Cook to a safe temperature to kill bacteria. Do not start to cook, to finish later.
Keep hot food, hot

Grilled meat increases cancer risk?

Some studies have suggested that there is a connection between food cooked at high temperatures (like meat cooked on the grill, seared or cooked) and cancer. Moderate consumption of prepared foods make no health problems.

Prepare the meat in the microwave just before you put it on the grill to release the juices that may spill over the coals, and make a flame. Put the meat on the grill and move coal outward to prevent fat and juices to drip on them.

Fry it well!
1. Eat meat only if it was cooked to a safe temperature, no less than 70 degrees.
2. The only way you can be sure it was cooked to the temperature required to kill bacteria is to use a digital thermometer.
3. The color is not a reliable indicator to show us if food was prepared at the temperature necessary to remove bacteria.



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