Healthy foods that help you gain weight

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Weight is an important factor for anyone who wants a beautiful silhouette and the silhouette certainly will not be perfect, if not weight will be in accordance with the needs of a person.

It is essential that every person to enjoy the nutrients needed for the body to function normally. In addition, as many people want to lose weight, there are some people who have difficulty in accumulating weight of various causes.

The harder it is for anyone to gain weight without being affected his health from the harmful effects of this process on the body. It is recommended that before you follow dietary instructions set out below, to seek medical advice. People with a low number of pounds could have quite high cholesterol or suffer from diabetes or other diseases that interdict certain foods.


1. Overview
2. Foods that increase weight
3. Eating plan
4. Recommended foods for women
5. Recommended foods for men

Foods that increase weight

Foods that can help gain weight (both for men and women) are available on the market and are generally quite simple to obtain. However, you must know that each acts in its own way.

Protein, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and vitamins help a person gain pounds, especially if eaten consistently. The best foods for this purpose are dairy products, but there are many other foods with a similar role.

By constantly introducing these products in your diet, you will gain fat, while the number of pounds will be increased. The best thing to rapidly increase in weight is to eat a lot of calories because calories are very important for the weight gain.

The best diet to gain weight is eggs and milk containing high calories. The protein also should not miss from the diet of people who want to gain weight; eggs and meat could be an alternative to this.

Appropriate would be to have four meals a day and do not skip the meat from the diet. Beef and lamb provides an adequate amount of protein for those who want to gain weight, so should be included in daily meals, at least for a while.

Eating dried fruit, nuts and peanuts is another way that the number of pounds will be increased. Dried fruits will help you keep the weight as much as you want, plus they can supplement many deficiencies in the body. To get quick weight you can consume protein shakes.

Eating plan


You can choose any of the following menus:
- Juice of oranges
- Large bowl of granola cereal and skim milk
- A small stick or two slices of toast with 1 tablespoon peanut butter on each piece


- 2 fruit
- A glass of juice
- A sandwich or a muffin
- Two scrambled eggs
- 2 pieces of bacon
- 2 slices of cheese


- A bagel with a tablespoon of peanut butter
- A smoothie made from: a scoop of protein powder, 240 ml yogurt, 330 ml skimmed milk, a cup of frozen fruit.

Snack after physical activity

Any person who wishes to gain weight should eat 15 minutes after exercise ended, even if not hungry. If physical activity will be performed several times a day, take a snack after each workout.

Can be chosen one of these options, optimized for those who want to recover the burned calories and increase weight:
- Sports drink
- Peanut butter and jelly sandwich
- A serving of yogurt with cereal
- Energy bars


Select one of the following menus: one sandwich foods listed below, which are important sources of protein:
- Chicken
- Tone
- Steak
- Ham and cheese
- Baked chips
- Lemonade or juice


- Cheeseburger
- Grilled chicken consumed as sandwich
- Potatoes
- Milkshake


- Salad with grilled chicken
- Baked potatoes
- Juice


- A bagel sandwich or baguette with turkey, cheese and fruit
- Pasta with sauce and two pieces of chicken
- Salad


- Omelet with 3 eggs, cheese, vegetables
- Fried meatballs
- Toast (2 slices)

Afternoon snack

Beverage (one choice)
- A juice
- Skimmed milk
- Lemonade

Snacks (one choice)
- Banana with peanut butter (2 tablespoons)
- Mix of cereals, nuts and dried fruit (a cup)
- Cheese crackers
- Grain


Equally divided portions of the protein and carbohydrates.

Protein (one choice)
- Roast beef
- Chicken
- Fish
- Pork
- Turkey

Carbohydrates (one choice)
- Pasta
- Baked potatoes
- Rice
- Corn

Gasket (one choice)
- Salad
- Steamed vegetables
- Fruit

Beverage (choice of one)
- Skimmed milk
- Juice
- Lemonade.

Recommended foods for women

Rolls or bagels

In general, bread is a good source of complex carbohydrates that the body needs to release energy. While a slice of bread has about 70 calories, a bagel or a small bagel contains over 150 calories. If they are covered with cheese or contain fruits, calorie content increases, but remains fairly healthy snack. It is very importantly that bakery products to be made from wheat (wheat, rye, oats).


Pasta is high in carbohydrates to provide energy for a long enough period of time. They can be a healthy meal with many calories (one cup of cooked pasta has about 220 calories). You can add some marinara sauce or cream and a quarter cup of grated cheese which will replace both the amount of calcium in the body and calories consumed.

Healthy oils

Adding oil to foods in your diet is an easy way to increase calories. It is important to choose healthy fats and oils for the body. Olive oil is rich in beneficial monounsaturated fats and canola oil contains both monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats, including omega-3 fatty acids.

Extra virgin olive oil can be added to provide additional flavor for pasta, bread or vegetables, while canola oil can be used for many foods cooked at high temperatures. Canola oil and walnuts are the healthiest oils due to which foods will taste more pleasant.


Avocados are high in monounsaturated fats, vitamin K, potassium and fiber. An avocado contains over 200 calories. Add sliced avocado on sandwiches or make guacamole that you can serve with tortilla chips.

Nuts and seeds

Nuts and seeds contain more calories and polyunsaturated fats. Brazil nuts, almonds, hazelnuts, pecans, sunflower seeds, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds have different flavors, are delicious and very healthy. A snack idea that will give your body energy as some roasted nuts and seeds mixed with some apple slices over which you can spread a little peanut butter or peanuts.


Make your own granola with any combination of dry cereal, nuts, seeds and dried fruits. You can keep granola in a box that closes tight and you can serve for breakfast. Snack may be accompanied by chocolate, peanut butter and chips for extra flavor.

Fruit juice

Drink 100% natural fruit juice instead of sugary juices and energy drinks to benefit from vitamins and extra calories. Avoid drinks containing fruit flavors, which contain sugar and fructose corn syrup: it will not provide the nutritional value of juices that contain 100% fruit. Vegetable juices (especially those with low sodium) tend to have fewer calories but enough vitamins and minerals.

Recommended foods for men

Calculate calories

Calculate how many calories you should eat per day to gain weight. Add at least 500 calories more than the daily requirements. If you need 2300 calories to maintain your current weight, do some efforts to consume 2800 calories per day.

If you engage in any physical activity add more calories to cover the number of calories burned through physical activity. For example, a person who weighs about 60 kilos and makes 30 minutes of vigorous exercises, burns about 180 calories. On that day, the person should consume 500 calories more than 180 daily requirements calculated in the previous stage.

Change your eating habits

The goal is to take three main meals and 2-3 snacks per day. Drink shakes, milk or juice instead of coffee, tea or soft drinks. Try to consume these foods mainly:

- Bread – one made from whole wheat flour, oat bran or rye is more nutritious than white bread. Thick slices of bread will be smeared with peanut butter, jam, honey, hummus or cream cheese.

- Vegetables – indicated are those rich in starch (potatoes, peas, corn, carrots, zucchini, beets), besides those containing more water (broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, green beans, cucumbers).

- Fruit – choose consistent fruits (bananas, pears, apples, pineapple, candied fruit) and fruit which contain plenty of water (oranges, peaches, plums, berries, watermelon).

- Soups – would be best soups-cream. If you suffer from edema or high blood pressure, avoid any commercially available soup.

- Oils – when cooking, add a generous amount of oil. The healthiest oil is unrefined (virgin), such as olive, coconut, canola, palm and of course, butter. Less healthy alternatives, but acceptable are oils rich in omega-6 fatty acids, such as sunflower or peanut. Unhealthy oils are those containing trans fats such as vegetable oil from soybeans.

- Additions – add various combinations of foods high in calories on your toast, biscuits and any other source of carbohydrates to increase caloric intake. Nutrients and calories are guacamole, olive oil, cream cheese, hummus, butter, nuts, cream, mayonnaise. Even better is to mix all of them with fish or chicken.

Avoid foods that contain unhealthy calories.

The most important is to avoid trans fats that increase the risk of developing certain diseases. Foods high in trans fats are pastries, cakes, cookies, processed meats, margarine and packaged snacks.

Eat more protein

Proteins are essential for body function to build and repair muscle tissue. If you do not consume enough protein from raw foods or protein supplements will be difficult to gain weight and muscle to grow. Those who want to gain pounds should consume at least one gram of quality protein per pound of body weight.

Workouts to gain weight (bodybuilding)

With weight training to gain weight you use the additional calories to turn into muscle rather than fat, while the appetite will be stimulated. Newly formed muscles will help boost your metabolism so you must consume more calories to maintain your desired weight.

In the first month of training is likely that number of pounds to grow pretty much. However muscles will be formed only for those who will be involved in such training constantly.



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