Healthy lifestyle during summer

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Summer is the warm season of entertainment and holidays. Unfortunately, during this period there are many cases of binge eating and other habits not very healthy.

Here are some general recommendations for this season, in order to eat healthy, protect from sun and prevent health problems.

By following a few simple rules you can enjoy the summer and you can maintain your health.


1. Overview
2. Apply sunscreen
3. Consuming foods of the season
4. Suggested exercise in summer

Apply sunscreen

Protect skin with sun screen in summer, could be one of the healthiest decisions that you could take it. Skin cancer rates are increasing and application of creams with sun protection role is a proven way to protect your skin from sun damage.

Consuming foods of the season

Summer can offer the perfect opportunity to add a variety of fruits and vegetables in your diet. Select a healthy lifestyle, add some new types of season fruits and vegetables at every meal, so the snacks and desserts. In markets, local shops and even supermarkets you can find a wider variety of organic products grown locally.

Ice cream, sweet refreshments and fast food are classic symbols of summer. Consumed in moderation are not harmful, but regular consumption of foods high in saturated fat and sugar can lead to weight gain and other health problems.

A varied diet that includes complex carbohydrates, lean protein and healthy fats to omega-3 can help prevent weight gain in summer. Consumption of fats and sweets only for special occasions can allow you to enjoy your favorite foods without change figure.

Suggested exercise for the summer

- Training on the inside – you probably find it hard training indoors during the summer, due to the heat or change your child’s school program. Change your place of training, from outside to inside to avoid heat and give you a quiet place to practice.

A gym is a choice so you can enjoy the use of training devices, and work out with other people. If you feel uncomfortable exercising with other people, you can do in your home, guiding you according to instructions provided by a DVD with specific recommendations to keep your body in shape.

- Change the hour – The advantage of exercise in the summer is that workouts can be done in the evening or early morning coolness. Change your working hours to have time for exercise: come up with a half hour earlier and leave half an hour later at work, if possible.

- Avoid overheating – Stay hydrated and avoid heat exhaustion caused when exercising during summer. Drink water during training, and sports drinks if you practice more than an hour. You should know that during sweating, your body loses water and increase its heart rate.

Be careful how you feel when doing outdoor physical activity and move indoors if your heart starts beating too hard or too weak. Wear lightweight clothing that will not absorb sweat from the body instead of cotton clothes that will remain wet.



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