Heart Risks Are Different for Both Males and Females with Obstructed Blood Vessels

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Cardiovascular diseases are considered as one of the major health threats which affect the general public across the globe. This truth can be associated with the lifestyle and general living conditions of individuals which is seemingly unhealthy and improper to attain optimum level of health and wellness. The major health risks associated with cardiovascular diseases includes the food choices of many individuals which can be composed on many fatty, sugary and high caloric foods.

Also, having a regular physical exercises everyday can have a bearing on lessening the risk of developing certain cardiovascular diseases. Researchers are still continuing to conduct further studies in order to have a full grasp on the disease process of the disease. In fact, researchers found out that there is difference between the health risk of a male and female with both having obstructed blood vessels.

According to the new study which was scheduled to be presented Wednesday at a meeting of the Radiological Society of North America, in Chicago, tackled about the difference in the health risks of both women and men even though they have the same quantity of coronary plaque.

The new study involves the analysis and examination of data gathered from about 480 patients who underwent coronary CT angiographies because these study participants had experienced acute chest pain. The study participants are composed of about two-thirds women and the rest are men, all of them have an average age of 55. The researchers collected the data from the results of the study after a 13 month period of follow-up. Researchers found out main difference between the health risk of males and females.

The findings of the study revealed that for the females there was significantly higher risk of having major cardiac events when these women have a buildup of large amount of plaques in the arteries as well as hardening of the arteries. In addition, the males are facing higher health risk of having heart attack or coronary bypass surgery when the males actually have clogged arteries containing non-calcifies plaques which tend to buildup and cause obstruction in the vessels.

Moreover, the findings of the study paved way for the doctors to be more cautious regarding diagnosing their patients considering gender differences. Although the link between the differences in the health risk is still left unclear, still the public must do lifestyle changes in order to prevent this disease.




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