Heavy and Tall Women Face High Risk for Cancer

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Taller and heavy women might be at augmented risk of ovarian cancer, study recommends. An international study group evaluated data from 47 researches which were carried in 14 nations encompassing approximately 25,000 women suffering from ovarian cancer and around 81,000 women who did not suffer from ovarian cancer. Each 2 inch rise in the height of the women was linked with a prominent rise in the odds of progressing ovarian cancer, the researchers found.  A high BMI even was linked with elevated danger of ovarian cancer, however only amid the women who had by no means taken the hormonal therapy after menopause.

The investigators establish that the link amid the weight and height and ovarian cancer stay even after the factors were taken into consideration which could influence the risk of ovarian cancer, like age during the first menstrual, present age, family history of cancer, consuming contraceptive pills, and consuming alcohol or tobacco.

Weight and Height of women have increased:

The average weight and height of women in developing and high-income nations has increased steadily in the past few years, the research authors confirmed in a news release which took place at the Community Library of Science. The findings of this observational and large research by the Collaborative Group which took place in Oxford University of England appeared in this week’s periodical which is popularly called the PLoS Medicine. This research was known as the Epidemiological Studies of Ovarian Cancer. Although the investigators discovered a relationship amid the height, weight and risk of ovarian cancer, they did not justify that being heavier or taller results in ovarian cancer. The cancer society of America has covered more concerning the risk factors of the ovarian cancer.



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