Help Children Grasp Functions By Practicing Rhythym

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Tapping out a beat of rhythm will aid the kids in learning complicated concepts of fractions, as per the recent findings which are yet to be published in an educational periodical. A recent curriculum makes use of rhythm to teach the concepts of factions at a school of California, where the kids in music based program scored prominently higher in their math test than those kids who were given regular instructions. A music academy makes use of clapping, music notation, chanting and drumming to introduce the kids of third grade some concepts of fractions. This program was designed by researchers of the University of San Francisco. They designed the program as this method used the symbols and gestures to make the students recognize parts of whole and learn the basic language of math.

The study was conducted on 67 school going kids, of which half received music based program while others were given regular math instructions. The students from the music based program scored 50% higher in their test on fraction topic, which was taken at the accomplishment of the study, when compared to the students who were given regular instructions. Prominent benefits were made by the students who in actual struggled with their academics. These scores were then evaluated with the scores of the low performing students and the researchers found that those kids who were taught in the music based program scored 40% higher than those low performing students who received regular instructions.

This curriculum shall help the students associate the values of musical notes with the equivalent fraction size. By drumming and clapping, the students learn the time value of the musical notes. These kids were able to add and subtract fractions on the worksheets, in which they drew musical notes.



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