Help—My Underarm Lymph Nodes Are Swollen!

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Ouch! My underarm hurts and I can barely move my arms properly!—these are common complaints that you might hear from a person with no less than swollen underarm lymph nodes. Funny as it may sound—underarm lymph nodes are REALLY infuriating. These lymph nodes, no matter how small they are at their swollen appearance, can be such a big pain in the neck! Probably, you have already experienced having one in your underarms and definitely, you could relate to how these swollen underarm lymph nodes can impair your movement and affect your mood in the long run… but for those who haven’t had this yet (which is highly improbable), you better not wish of having one!

What Are Lymph Nodes And Why Do They Swell?

Lymph nodes are basically a part of our lymphatic system… which is composed of the lymphatic fluid and lymphatic vessels. This system is responsible for filtering the blood and the lymphatic fluids of the harmful microorganisms that may be lurking inside our body. This is also one reason why the lymphatic system is interrelated with our immune system. The lymphatic system works in relation with the immune system because of the distinct connection these systems have in our lymph nodes.

The lymph nodes are where the bulk of the dirt which the lymphatic fluid contains is filtered. This bulk of “dirt” filtered by the lymph nodes may contain microorganism like viruses, bacteria and others. Apart from filtering these out, the nodes also make sure that they are entrapped until the white blood cells come in contact and destroys these microorganisms with the help of enzymes.

Swollen Underarm Lymph Nodes Indication

Among others, swollen underarm lymph nodes indicate the presence of an infection. The infection may be located in the upper respiratory tract, the arms or the lower respiratory tract, too. There are actually different conditions which may be associated with swollen underarm lymph nodes and here are a few of them:

-          Infection- Needless to say, infectious diseases which are either bacterial or viral in origin can result to the swelling of underarm lymph nodes. These infectious diseases may include common colds and cough, pharyngitis or sore throat, mumps, measles, etc.

-          Injury or Inflammation- an injury to the arm, chest or shoulders may lead to the appearance of swollen underarm lymph nodes. The reason why it happens is because the immune system reacts in order to catch all foreign microorganisms which may further aggravate the inflamed or injured area. Such injuries or inflammations can be caused by fractures, fungal infections, abscesses or folliculitis, and the like.

-          Furthermore, malignancies can also result to the appearance of swollen underarm lymph nodes. If apart from these axillary lymph nodes, you also feel some lumps or nodes in your breast, it is best to have a mammogram in order to rule out breast malignancies.

Swollen underarm lymph nodes, no matter how painful they are, are essential because it merely gives us a signal or alarms us that something is wrong inside us. That way, we can properly remedy these conditions, and subsequently avoid further damages and complications inside our body.



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