Hemorrhoids: 7 advices on how to minimize discomfort

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Hemorrhoids are congested, enlarged or twisted blood vessels around the @nus and the inferior rectum that seem to stretch and cause a lot of pain and discomfort if placed under high pressure. You can somehow resemble them with varicose veins. Hemorrhoids occur often in pregnant women, in people suffering of constipation, and can occur also due to genetic factors.

hemorrhoidsHemorrhoids can become painful when the pressure in their area increases due to straining to move the bowel. Whoever has had do deal with hemorrhoids knows that they are pretty painful, that they can bleed often and they can cause major discomfort.

Here are a few things you can do in order to reduce any discomfort that hemorrhoids might cause you:

1. Keep constipation under control. When you are trying to defecate you automatically increase the pressure on the hemorrhoids and only manage to get them swollen and congested. Hard stools make things worse as they increase an already existing lesion in the anal area. So, try eating more fibers (you can find fiber in green leafy vegetables, whole grain flour and fruits) and drink more water so that you don’t have to face up constipation.

2. Do not lift heavy objects by your own. The effort you invest in this action is similar with the effort you make while defecating and if you are predisposed to hemorrhoids you will make them worse in time. Ask a friend if he is willing to help you with moving those heavy objects or just pay someone to do that for you.

3. Sometimes if your hemorrhoids get too painful or they get itching you can use ice in order to calm them down. Apply ice packs to the area two or three times a day but no more than 20 minutes each time.

4. Apply an antihemorrhoidal cream. On the market you can find various creams that treat hemorrhoids, but unfortunately do no cure them, but at least they minimize discomfort and make your life easier.

5. Try laxatives and stool softeners. If you are having problems with constipation you can try a natural laxative like aloe vera or psyllium seeds also known as ispaghula. This last natural laxative is know not to create addiction like other chemical laxatives do and it seems to be safe even when taken on long periods of time.

6. Apply a bag of mullein tea on the affected area after steeping the tea bag and cooling it into a refrigerator. Swabbing the @nus area is effective too.

7. Be careful what you eat. Coffee, spices, beer and cola can make hemorrhoids worse as they pass through the colon after being consumed. They can cause itching and discomfort and should just be avoided.




  1. Your article is very informative about the preventive measures for someone who suffers from hemorrhoids.
    As for treatment, apart from the creams someone could try some herbal treatments such as using chamomile:
    (added in http://hemorrhoidsblog.wordpress.com/ )
    Chamomile soothes irritated tissue, reducing redness and itching. Boil chamomile in water,
    then leave it for some time to get cold (I mean room temperature not freeze) and moisture cotton with it and leave it on the sensitive area for the night. It is anti -inflammating and relieving!
    Nice work!!!

  2. My doctor told me that hemmorroids occur with soft stoolls, not hard stools when one is constipated. In my own experiances, I have found this to be true.

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