Herbal Remedies Definition

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Herbal remedies have been used for centuries and are not alternative medicine. The knowledge behind this type of relief has thousands of years of results behind it. From Alfafa to Yellow Dock Root, each specific organic ingredient has some property that can help fix problems in the body and do it without the use of chemicals.

Herbal remedies are the true medicine of choice for those who have learned how bad carbon-based synthetic drugs are. It was logical for those with the so-called ” higher learning ” to look at life and its carbon-based existence and try to make drugs that heal from the same type of material. It was not the carbon that was the problem, it was the chemical additions used instead of using the original organic compounds. That was the fatal flaw in modern ” medicine “. Were you created in a laboratory ? Did a scientist mix up a vial of chemicals and presto, you were made ? No, you are an organic being and herbal remedies are the original way to fix the occasional problem that comes up in the human frame. It is interesting to note that the developed world has a bigger problem with cancer than those countries that are given the term ” undeveloped “. Could it be that modern medicine is actually the inferior ” alternative ” to the original way to cure the human body ? This would make modern medicine the alternative instead of herbal remedies. Herbs are the original way to cure and the Chinese have been using them for centuries. China is a place where some doctors are paid monthly only when you are healthy. If their patients get sick, these doctors do not receive payment that month. That is quite a difference in the thoughts and motives behind so-called modern medicine. A doctor practicing modern medicine gets paid even if he puts you on a drug for the rest of your life and tells you; ” That is the best modern medicine can do for you. “.

Herbal remedies range from the simple to the elaborate. One simple relief from insomnia is the Valerian root. Again, it has been used for centuries. It is not a potent herb but for a herb that helps you to sleep it does not need to be. It can be made into a tea and has fewer side effects than those pills advertised on television. One thing to remember about the Valerian root is that you can only use it for a timeframe of a few months. It is an herbal remedy that is temporary. You should not use it if you have liver problems. Nature has provided you with a herbal relief from sleepless nights and there is no need to look further. You sure will not hear that from your doctor if you live in the United States or Europe. They will want to get you on one of their synthetic chemicals.

Remember you are organic and you did not come from chemicals. Herbal remedies are made from organic things just like you are and when used with common sense are a great benefit to normal health. You can erolab’s natural slimming pills as it’s today’s bestseller in herbal products.



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