Herbal Remedies

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Herbal remedies are the key to having the edge on normal health. If you are tired of being on the same old drug and hearing the same old news from your medical provider, you are not alone. Take another look at what herbs and herbal remedies can do for you and get relief from the people who fail at making you better.

Herbal remedies have been used for centuries and are trusted by more people in the world than modern drugs. Why is that ? Herbs have less side effects than chemicals. The organic compounds that make up herbs are made just like you are. Your body was not made in a vial in some laboratory and neither are herbal remedies. Modern medicine has given us some wonderful things for health but the drugs they use are inferior to herbal remedies. Take for instance the common Alfafa plant. It is used to treat kidney stones and relieve swelling. Again, it has been used for thousands of years. How long has the drug you have been using been around ? Which would you want to trust more ? Just because a government agency tells you it is safe does that make it so ? Results speak louder than the medical industry.

One herbal remedy you have probably already been using is garlic. Maybe you did not think it was a remedy, but if you think about it long enough you realize yes, it is another one of those herbal remedies. Garlic helps to maintain a normal blood pressure and helps the immune system. It is also a natural antibiotic. The chemical antibiotics that the medical industry have created are creating monster viruses that they themselves can not control. A hospital is the worst place to visit if you want to stay healthy. This is the reverse of how it should be. The viruses are winning the ” flu war ” and the medical industry actually admits this. Why continue trying to work with a failing team ? Trade up to herbs and you can have some positive results.

Herbal remedies have been the mainstay of most of the world. The undeveloped countries have not forgotten the advantage they have over the developed countries. Places like the United States and Europe are rampant with cancer. This is not true in such places as Ecuador and Okinawa. Where would you rather live if your health was your first concern ? When you start asking yourself why herbs have less side effects than chemicals ( drugs ) from the medical industry, you realize there must be a basic problem. The problem is with the idea that science is the ” silver bullet ” for everything, including health. The results are in and herbal remedies are superior to taking drugs and science can not change that fact. In fact, there is overwhelming evidence that the original way of curing with herbs is better than the alternative; modern medicine.



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