High Heels To Be Blamed for Ingrown Toenails?

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Cozy fitting or high heels and other pointed shoes are the prominent reasons for ingrown toenails, as per podiatrist. If you put persistent pressure on your toes, the full-size toenails could develop into your skin and result into infection, say the experts from the Loyola University Health system, even then most of the women do not agree to buy more comfortable shoes than the high heels. Ingrown toenails could be very painful, however many women are eager to manage and suffer the discomfort so that they can continue wearing high heels.  A professor, Rogney Stuck says in a University news release that however much severe complications could result and cause enduring impairment to the toe nails, if they are not treated on time.

Stuck has advised the women who engage in wearing high heels to follow the below mentioned steps to avoid the ingrown toe nails:

  • Do not wear heels for long time than necessary
  • Trace each of your foot on cardboard and then cut it out. Ensure that the cut outs fit into your new pair of shoes ahead buying them to assure that they are not too contracted.
  • Prevent wearing stretched stockings
  • Cut your toenails directly across the top
  • Apply a moderate antiseptic to your toe nails
  • Soak your feet by using Epsom soap or salts in lukewarm water
  • Ensure that your feet are well dried with a clean and dry towel

If you toe nail turns out to be extremely painful, has a discharge or becomes swollen, there is high possibility that it has been infected and requires treatment by a podiatrist, the researchers say. If the situation refuses to accept treatment, the toenail might have to be removed.

If the diabetic woman does not feel comfortable and if they further neglect this pain, it can result into amputation.



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