High School Learners Perform Best With 7 Hours Sleep

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The federal guidelines have prescribed the high school learners a must nine hours sleep every night, if they want to perform best in every aspect. A novel study was conducted at Brigham Young University and it found that students of 16-18 years of age perform better academically if they shave-off the two additional hours recommended by the federal guidelines. The study author, Eric Eide says that he is not talking about sleep deprivation but the data collected simply shows that 7 hours of sleep is appropriate for the children of that age group.

The novel study by the lead author and his fellow Mark Showalter, BYU economics professor is the initial in a series of studies. Here they evaluate sleep and the impact of sleep on education and health. To their surprise they found that the current guidelines prescribed by the Federal authorities are based on irrelevant studies. These guidelines asked the students to keep sleeping till the time they felt satisfied. They say if the same approach is used for a guideline on how much an individual should eat, they would have to put them in a well-stocked pantry so that the individuals can eat till they are satisfied.

In the new study, the researchers tried to associate sleep with the measure of productivity or performance. They found that there was a strong association between productivity and the sleep of the youth. However they also say that more sleep is no better. They say that the right amount of sleep diminishes with age:

  • Optimal sleeping hours for 10 year olds – 9-9.5
  • Optimal sleeping hours for 12 year olds – 8-8.5
  • Optimal sleeping hours for 16 year olds – 7

Most of the students from BYU particularly who took early morning seminary sessions during their high school, realized that the top students took sleep for less than 9 hours.



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