High Volumes Leads to Early Hearing Loss

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People in this world are fond of hearing the songs with numerous gadgets like MP3, iPad and many other gizmons. In comparison with adults, teenagers are using these modes more frequently since these modes give more crisp and clear acoustics.

Younger people make use of these devices with high volume and pitch hence, they are on the the more harmful side. The result of Tel Aviv University research holds that, hearing loss is most affected by using walkmans and other peculiar devices. Prof. Chava Muchnik in TAU’S Department of communications undergone with certain studies and results as, the early loss of hearing is mainly affected among the teens with the ratio of 1:4.

This means that the music listening habits must be regulated among the youngsters. The extraordinary harmful effects are more pronounced with the use of iPods and other devices like MP3 players. This outcome is demonstrated and made public through the publication International Journal of Audiology.

Prof. Muchnik declared that, “In 10 or 20 years it will be too late to realize that an entire generation of young people is suffering from hearing problems much earlier than expected from natural aging”.

If a person gets hearing problems at the middle adulthood age, he will surely experience many problems in this society. This stigma is mainly caused by the exposure of uninterrupted noise with higher pitch. Initially, most of the people will not be aware of these causes. However, after some years they will notice this harm towards them.

Even the improper usage of MP3 players also leads to perceive hearing loss. This study was initially started by knowing the participant habits. The contributor started with 289 subjects, at the same time they are at the average age of 13 to 17. Also they have noted the devices used by the partakers of the study.

The next stage deals with only 74 teenagers. The sound tests among these people included both silent and blasts. The safety regulations are being carried out with the criteria, based upon the measured degree of intensities. The results of the study are surprising because the result holds that 1:4 of youngsters are using their personal devices. This leads them to risks of suffering from hearing loss. The only way to decrease this ratio is to create the awareness towards the school students. The forecoming research holds with pre-teenagers.



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