Hip Replacement Procedures, More Likely to Fail in Smokers

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Hip and knee replacements are more probable to fail in smokers as compared to the non-smokers, as per the two recent researches. One research of around 621 participants, including around 131 smokers, who experienced total knee replacement, discovered that the rate of failure of knee replacement procedures was approximately 10 times elevated amid the smokers when compared to the non-smokers – 10% as compared to 1%. The smokers even had elevated rate of medical complexities when compared to the non-smokers – around 21% as compared to 12%. The complexities included anemia, blood clots, heart problems and the kidney failure.

How was the research held?

The 2nd research included 100 of patients who experienced the reconstruction of the cup shaped hold at the base of their hip bone with the ultraporpous element. This metal reconstruction is said to lead in fewer failure as compared to the normal metal. The rate of failure in the smokers was around 9.1% when evaluated against 3.4% in the non-smokers.

At the forum the investigators presented suggestions regarding how to get their patients to quit smoking. One of the main and easy methods is to refuse surgery of the patients who smoke. This was suggested by Dr. Glenn Rechtine, who is an orthopedic surgeon and an assistant chief of the members and also a professor at South Florida University in Tampa. He also said by doing so, this rule has convinced around 40% of the individuals to quit smoking. A 3-step procedure has been effectual for Dr. Richard Hurt who suggested another rule. First ask the tobacco use from the receptionist, the nurse and the assistant of the physician and ascertain the answers. This will help in showing that smoking is really a big problem and must be addressed as soon as possible.

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