HIV-AIDS Funding in the Brink of Prospective Financial Support Cut

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The rampant upsurge of sexually transmitted diseases is in its height in this generation. Sad fact remains with HIV-AIDS (Human Immunodeficiency virus- Acquired Immunodeficiency virus) because until now, researcher and scientists are still working on the cure to eventually stop the spread of this deadly condition. The World Health Education INC n partnership with John Snow, Inc., created the JSI/World Education Center for HIV and AIDS in 2000 are just one of the organizations that are moving to fight HIV-AIDS. This condition is also alarming not only to the third world countries but also to other countries as well because of the mortality and mortality rates that are recorded. The transmission of the virus can happen in any races and nationality. As part of the education program to inform the public of HIV-AIDS, it is well known that it is transmitted through unprotected sexual activity, sharing of used needles or by any means of blood contact with the infected person. However, pregnant women are capable of transmitting the virus to the fetus even if it is not yet born, making this more disquieting.

Inspite the different movements of different organizations, governments and concern parties to have a fight against HIV-AIDS, there are still many undoubtly challenges that they are facing. One of which is the recent news regarding the decrease in funding of the Obama administration to support an “AIDS-free generation”. Jeanie Yoon, a physician with Doctors without Borders/Medecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), put in writing that according to Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, the appeal for the global health funding is in a state of decision making whether or not the congress will approve it. She also added that the said program will benefit the pregnant mothers, their future offsprings and the community that will start in the testing of HIV-AIDS included in the mentioned program. This will incur early detection and treatment and prevention for them to have a healthy living and have more productive community. 69,000 fewer HIV-positive women will receive PMTCT services worldwide will be lessen due to the budget cut if it will be approved by Obama administration. , “If Congress votes to sacrifice that progress, Zambia and Africa will lose many women …, who, given the resources, will do everything in their power to give their children healthy lives. Those resources are not the kind you cut — they are the difference between life and death” Yoon commented.




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