HIV and Cardio-Metabolic Functioning, How One Affects the Other

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Certain images from patients suffering with lipid and blood sugar problems along with many other metabolic complications demonstrated that the heart has certain difficulties. It suffers difficulties while converting glucose into energy. However if the individuals did not have any metabolic complications, the heart effectively converted glucose into energy. Individuals, who suffer from HIV, are more prone to diseases of metabolic complications, lipid and blood sugar which augment the risk of heart diseases. The novel research at a University of Washington demonstrates that HIV virus and drugs which are used to treat HIV, will not worsen heart metabolism and working in the patients. But it will show negative results, if the patient suffers from metabolic complications.

These findings are submitted online in the periodical Cardiovascular Diabetology. The researchers declare that the results were astonishing since the metabolic complications like diabetes, insulin resistance and issues with blood lipids have become general. This happens due to the enhanced drug therapies that have ability to enable the patients suffering from HIV live longer. The metabolic complications are likely to strike individuals infected with HIV at an early age. Scientists have found that these complications occur due to antiretroviral therapies or viruses which are used to avoid the infection from developing to full blown AIDS.

Researchers used Positron Emission Tomography imaging to measure how appropriately the heart converts glucose into energy. The diastolic function of heart was measured by echocardiogram. Initially researchers thought that HIV positive men who suffered from lipid and blood sugar problems had bad diastolic heart function and worst glucose utilization. But contrary to this they discovered that HIV did not make much difference. Men suffering from metabolic complications had damaged glucose utilization and worst diastolic function irrespective of their HIV status. But the efficiency of anti HIV drug explains why heart function amid the HIV positive individuals in this research was not worse. They believed that HIV infection made this dissimilarity since virus was much regulated in men, they studied. They conclude that however studies do not show that having well regulated HIV infection does not make heart function and metabolism any worse.




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