HIV in Breastmilk

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An international group led by investigators has discovered that the mothers in the Sub-Saharan Africa might successfully comply with a code of behavior for flash heating breast-milk to decrease the transmission of HIV – a virus which results in AIDS – to the new born babies. Flash heating breast milk is the one which is suggested by W.H.O for mothers infected with HIV at times of augmented transmission threat. The process encompasses expressing breast milk into a jar of glass which is put on the tiny water pot and is heated till the water starts boiling.

How was the research held?

The researcher discovered that the females in Tanzania can flash heat the breast milk to decrease the possibility of HIV transmission. Earlier studies from the same researcher displayed that this procedure does not activate HIV in the breast milk, while even retaining the nutritional value and infection defeating properties of the milk. However irrespective or not the females in the poor nations shall be eager and be capable to use the technique successfully even if the technique is not established properly.

Breastfeeding and HIV positive:

More females with HIV AIDS as compared to what the researchers anticipated were agreeing and capable to flash heat their breast milk and try making it safer even in the presence of limited resources. These results will display that the recommendations of WHO are possible in the setting of real-world. Also in the absence of medications of HIV, the mothers who are HIV positive in the resource-poor areas are guided to wholly breastfeed their kids for 6 months. When contrasted to partial breastfeeding, restricted breastfeeding might decrease the possibility of transmission of HIV from the mother to child at times of the initial months of life.



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