HIV Preventing Medicine Gets Support

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The initial medicine proved to avert the HIV infection, won the endorsement of a team of US federal advisors, clearing the path for a landmark accreditation in the 30 year dispute against the virus which results in AIDS. In a sequence of votes which took place on Thursday, the FDA advisory panel suggested the accreditation of the regular drug Truvada for healthy individuals who are at elevated threat of contracting HIV infection, including the bisexual men and gay individuals along with the heterosexual couples with one or the other HIV positive partner. Food and drug administration is not needed to follow the panel’s recommendation, though it generally does, a last decision is anticipated by 15th June 2012.

The medication is an amalgamation of 2 older HIV pills, named Viread and Emtriva. The doctors normally recommend it as a part of pill cocktail to suppress the virus.

Concerns over consequences:

While the panelist finally supported the pill Truvada for aversion, the 12 hour meeting throws light on a number of concerns which are created by the initial pill to avoid HIV. In specific the panel discussed if Truvada could result in less use of contraceptive methods, which are considered as the most trustworthy defense against HIV. The specialist even questioned effectiveness of pill in women, who proved to show much lower rates of defense in the research.  The team struggled to give an outline step which will make sure that the patients take the drugs daily. In the clinical experiments, the individuals who did not take the medicines diligently were surely not protected and the individuals in that real world are also more possible to forget than those individuals in the research.

Truvada for avoiding shall squeeze previous constrained health care resources which could be better spent on effective however cheaper prevention therapies.



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