Home Grown Tomatoes—Why They Yield Better Taste?

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Researchers say that they have recognized as to why a raw, home grown tomato is better in taste than the ones which is available in the supermarket. Researchers from the University of Florida scrutinized the chemical properties of around 278 tomato samples which presented 152 heirloom varieties, of which most were bred ahead today’s commercial tomatoes which are present. Large chemical diversity was unexpectedly present in the heirloom tomatoes. The investigators then had participants taste a subset of these tomatoes with much chemical diversity as well as ranked their complete liking of each variety and overall flavor intensity, sourness and sweetness.

How was the research carried?

A statistical observation of the chemistry and taste evaluation result displayed that flavor intensity was associated to 12 various compounds and sweetness to additional 12, which included 8 which were even prominent to complete flavor. The investigators even discovered that certain flavor volatiles and have impact on the perception of the sweetness by means of the sense of smell, as per the research which was published in the online periodical of Current Biology.

The researchers say that they acknowledge exactly what they are required to do for fixing the tomatoes which are broken, and this can be the initial step to repair good flavor in commercial tomatoes. The consumers deeply care for tomatoes. Their devoid of flavor is a main focus of dissatisfaction of consumers with contemporary agriculture. The research was carried to ascertain the taste of individuals and to see what they found much better in taste, the raw home grown tomatoes or the ones which were available in the departmental store. The research results show that the home grown tomatoes have much better taste than the ones available in market.



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