Home remedies for anal fissures

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Anal fissure is an injury in the anus area. This damage either following a cut or an injury, in the channel through which the feces are removed, in the anus.

The condition is common among adults. This is one of the most common causes of rectal bleeding in childhood. Anal fissures may result from hard and large stool, anal sex or objects placed in the rectum.

A common symptom of this problem is pain that gets worse during bowel movements, but also emphasized local itching. Anal fissures may be accompanied by bleeding.


1. Overview
2. Home Remedies for anal fissures

Home remedies for anal fissures

Both acute and chronic anal fissures, can be cured following treatment at home, which involves.

- To avoid constipation you should include fruits, vegetables, beans and whole grains in your diet every day. These foods are rich in fiber.
- Drink plenty of fluids. If your urine is yellow color, it means that you are not drinking enough fluids.
- Establish a daily routine bowel. Do not force it. Laxatives can ease bowel movements. Do not use laxatives without your doctor recommendation.
- Take sitz baths for 20 minutes, 2-3 times daily to relieve the broken tissue, relax the internal anal sphincter and anal fissure heal.
- Exercise regularly. Moderate physical activity for about 30 minutes, such as walking several days a week, can be effective. Exercise stimulates regular bowel movements, increase blood flow to all parts of the body (including the anal fissure, encouraging its healing).

Tips for people with anal fissures

- To stimulate the healing process, apply wheat germ oil on the affected area.
- Apply aloe compresses on the anus. They have healing properties and relieve pain.
- Take warm baths to relieve symptoms of anal fissures.
- Follow a healthy, balanced diet, containing fruit, vegetables, whole grains and plenty of fluids.
- Apply grease to the rectum to avoid any damage of the anal area.
- Keep the anal area dry. After each shower, use baby powder locally.
- Avoid diarrhea: watery stools are as harmful as the toughest. They will soften the tissues around the rectum and determine their inflammation.
- Cut your nails short to avoid scratching the anal tissue.
- If you are overweight try to lose weight, to prevent sweating between buttocks, which slows the healing process.
- Apply creams containing vitamin A and D. Consult your doctor before buying such a cream.
- Sitting on the chair may be painful. To alleviate the problem you can use a pillow.
- Do not use rough toilet paper, whereas this can cause more problems. Gently wipe wounds to not reopen. Avoid scented and colored toilet paper in order not to cause irritation.
- Clean the area with a chamomile and witch hazel infusion that will help build blood vessels.
- Apply calendula cream locally to relieve pain and itching. Aloe gel has same effect.



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