How A Gas Can Reduce Renal Fibrosis?

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As much as people value their kidneys to be healthy and fit, they are also quite vulnerable and susceptible to a number of problems. One such problem is the problem of renal fibrosis also known as kidney scar. The kidney scar is a result of a severe injury caused by proteins which are produced by the glucose in the organs. The glucose proteins and the scars are responsible mainly for the acceleration of the renal failure in people. In many cases of acute kidney failure,kidney scar has been found to be the main reason. This is why people including researchers and doctors have been trying to reverse the destructive action of glucose proteins in the kidneys.

All of a sudden, it now seems that their efforts are finally bearing some fruit. The School of Practice At UT Health Science Center has come up with a new study that proposes how the action of the glucose proteins can be reversed and how possible kidney failure can also be averted in time. The study spearheaded by professor and nephrologist BS Kasinath is primarily concerned with the diligent action of the chemical known as hydrogen sulfide. The chemical gas has been much shunned and lambasted due its foul odor. But it has been proved that hydrogen sulfide is a reliable solution against the risk of kidney scar. This is because, as the studies prove, the chemical curbs the menace of glucose proteins.

In experiments with mice suffering from Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes, it was found out that there are existing enzymes in the kidneys, which act like a defense system to the threats of kidney scar. These enzymes produce hydrogen sulfideto counter the matrix proteins in the kidneys. However, due to diabetes, the enzymes become less in number, thus allowing the matrix proteins to wreck damage. So, the study proves that hydrogen sulfide should be given to people, who are diabetic and also are under threat of the problem of kidney scar. Additional dosages will not really reverse the damage done but it will help to prevent the problem from becoming worse.

The new study on matrix proteins highlights that good curative options are freely available for people suffering from diabetes and also other kidney problems. Kasinath admits that gases have been found to be good and reliable in lessening and eliminating the problems caused by chemicals and sugars. There would be more studies and experiments on animals and mammals other than the mice and humans. The problem of kidney scar can thus will begin to be cured with the right doses of hydrogen sulfide. The infamous matrix proteins would be ideally detected from before and they can be eliminated in time before the problem of kidney scar worsens. So, this will be a good solution to the unfortunate people.



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