How Can I Get Gout Treatment?

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Inflammation, redness, warmth, pain and impairment in motion—this is very common in people with gout. Having gout is excruciating—and in fact, more excruciating than having an osteoarthritic attack! This is because gout can present with such a pain that even the lightest touch of a silk blanket can make the pain much worse. Also, gout is known to attack at night, when we sleep, making people suffering from gout subsequently suffer from insomnia due to so much pain and discomfort.

What Happens With Gout?

You may wonder why gout presents with so much pain and discomfort. The reason is simple—imagine yourself puncturing the insides of your joint with a shred of broken glass. That’s what happens with gout because the accumulation of uric acid crystals due to faulty protein metabolism has a high affinity to the joint areas. This is why gout can be very disheartening and troublesome, to say the least.

Avoid Gout-Triggering Foods. Steering away from gout triggering foods is an important and essential gout treatment every person with gout should put in mind and know by heart. Most attacks of gout, as mentioned, are due to one’s dietary intake. Gout triggering foods are those which are very high in protein, most especially purine. Purine can be found in high amounts especially in organ meats like the liver, kidney, lungs, brain, etc. Thus, eating exotic foods and delicacies containing such parts will definitely trigger gout attacks.

Get An Active and Healthy Lifestyle. Being overweight is one of the risk factors in getting gout. As such, controlling and losing weight to its normal range is an important gout treatment. Involve yourself in daily exercises that can burn calories and fats. Make sure to do these activities during days without gout attacks as it will further aggravate the condition.

Do Not Forget To Take Drugs. Drugs that can treat gout work by lowering the amount of uric acid in your blood. This includes allopurinol and colchicine—the most popular drugs for treatment of gouty attacks. Moreover, for gouty attacks, your physician may prescribed drugs for pain relief like NSAIDs. Be cautious when taking such drugs and make sure you take note of your doctor’s instructions as to how these drugs need to be taken in.

Various approaches in treating gout have been developed and there are a lot of drugs which one can be prescribed with in order to lessen the discomforts of gout. However, an effective gout treatment not only pertains to medicine regimens. It involves a holistic approach which includes diet, exercise and compliance with the medication plan.



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