How can you lose weight when you clean the house?

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If you do not have enough time to go to the gym and do not want to spend money buying equipment for exercise, you can burn more calories while doing everyday chores.

Experts recommend 30 such exercises every day, and the result will be a clean house but also weight loss.


1. Overview
2. Cleaning and weight loss
3. Number of calories burned during activities in the household

Cleaning and weight loss

Because most people do not have enough time to go to the gym, you should keep in mind the following tips to lose weight and tone muscles, while as your home becomes more clean.

1. Plan to go to work specific muscle groups on different days. During a day you can exercise your arms, another day – feet and so on until you exercise all muscle groups.

Monday, for example, you could do actions that would involve arms, such as wash tub, vacuuming, wiping dust light bodies. Tuesday, you could to practice more feet through activities that involve the use of stairs or mowing the lawn.

Doing this kind of planning, you will be sure that all muscle groups are worked regularly.

2. Focus on the muscles. If you need to clean the kitchen sink, it is natural to focus on the process of cleaning, but when cleaning is regarded as a physical exercise you can also focus on muscle movements. This principle should be applied to all household tasks.

3. Take your time. Like many of the types and the formal exercise, the household tasks must be made wisely. When you start a new program of exercise, you should start slowly.

Household work involves physical activity. Be aware of muscle pain and other symptoms that might indicate overworking muscles. Muscles of healthy persons will gradually consolidate over time, allowing physical activity becoming more prolonged and intense.

Number of calories burned during activities in the household

- Cleaning floor mop – Every time you clean the bathroom or kitchen floor you strengthen your muscles, toned shoulders and biceps. If this will take half an hour, you will burn 112 calories. If you clean the floor on your knees with a brush or sponge, using your arms, you will burn more calories (approximately 200).

- Vacuum carpets – If you use the vacuum cleaner when you do this with one hand, you work only half of your body; in order to both arms be requested and fully trained, use them for alternative handling cleaner.

If you maintain a good posture while vacuuming carpets, you will strengthen the abdominal muscles. Use vacuum for half an hour helps to burn approximately 90 calories.

- Washing dishes – Offer to wash the dishes after dinner, if you want to burn calories. In this way you can consume about 160 calories in half an hour.

Loading the dishwasher, on the other hand burns about 105 calories during a half-hour. Because dishwasher can be loaded in a relatively short period of time, to cook several dishes requiring hands could be a more effective workout.



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