How Do You Get Liver Spots?

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Liver spots—when we hear them, we actually kind of panic owing it to the fact that the liver is actually one of the most vital organs that we have in our body. In fact, liver spots are not at all detrimental. The reason why these are called such, is because they resemble the color of the liver. Furthermore, it has been believed before that liver spots appear with a concurrent liver disease. Liver spots are also called as senile lentigines—senile because they commonly appear as one ages. However, aging is not the only cause of liver spots, most especially when one steps into his or her golden years. However, before we engage deeper into how these liver spots come up, it is important to know what, exactly, these liver spots are.

What Are Liver Spots?

Liver spots are basically patches of area in our skin or face where pigmentation becomes concentrated, or in other words, there is hyperpigmentation. These are generally harmless and may appear like the size of a freckle to about a few centimeters to an inch across. It is painless and may appear like a flat patch or area in the skin. In terms of color, it may range from light brown to black. Liver spots are commonly found in areas which are commonly found exposed to sunlight. These areas include the face, neck, arms, and sometimes the upper shoulders. Occasionally, they can also be found on less exposed areas like the back, stomach, chest, etc.

How Do You Get Liver Spots—Sunlight Exposure

Sunlight exposure is a key factor in the development of liver spots. Melanin is the substance responsible for our skin, eye and hair color. Too much exposure to the sun stimulates the skin to produce more melanin and increase the pigmentation in certain areas. Thus, the appearance of liver spots. The development of liver spots due to sun exposure is actually more of a protective effort of the skin in order to prevent the skin from being damaged due to continuous sun exposure.

How Do You Get Liver Spots—Aging

Aging is a common cause of liver spots. Like any other body system, the integument also experiences wear and tear due to advancing age. When a person ages, the production of melanin responsible for pigmentation of our skin also goes awry. These age related errors of pigmentation leads to liver spots.

Common Liver Spots Treatment

Liver spots are not dangerous and in fact, some of them may just fade away with time. Laser treatment is a common method of treating liver spots. The liver spots are exposed to laser and removed. Cryosurgery, another form of treatment, exposes liver spots in liquid nitrogen, and removed afterwards.

Similarly, the use of bleaching products can help you attain a fair skin and reduce the hyperpigmentation of these liver spots.

Liver Spots Prevention

Liver spots can be prevented pretty easily. First is through avoiding continuous sun exposure. If your work requires you to be out in the sun for quite some time, you can wear protective clothing, shades and apply some high quality sunscreen with at least 30 SPF.




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