How Does Exercise Fit the Elderly People

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The elderly population is considered as one of the most at risk groups among the general population. This is because of aging which causes degeneration of the human body leading to various malfunctioning or lessened function of different body organs. Elderly individuals need special type of care in which special considerations with regards to their lifestyle must be noted. Even though elderly are thought to be fragile and weak, exercises can make them stronger and enhance functioning. And researchers are evaluating which type of exercises best suits the elderly.


As the person age, his bodily functions are affected such as walking, eating, perception, sensations and balance. This can be probably associated with the decrease in functioning of body organs which has functions for these daily routines. One of bodily function which is usually affected among the elderly is balance. In fact, it is reported that there are many cases of falls among elderly, and this causes additional harm and disability among them. Balancing is a very complex task which needs coordination between the muscular systems and the nervous system. The brain send signals to the body in order to achieve balance, while the muscles contract and recoil in order to achieve stability. However, elderly have difficulty in both balancing and mobility.


There are many types of exercises that can be performed by the general public. Although, these exercise varies depending upon the target population. According to a previous review of researches which have been published in The Cochrane Library, regular exercises are very significant among the elderly. It will not just help them enhance their bodily functions but as well as their balances which are actually decreased as a result of aging.

With the review of previews researches, the researchers evaluated and analyzed the results from about 94 studies which involves an over all participants of about 9,917. The researchers deemed to identify which among the exercises is best to improve balance among the elderly. Furthermore, the researchers discovered that these types of exercises actually improve balance: exercise with vibrating platforms, exercise focusing on a person’s walking, balance and co-ordination, general physical activity such as walking or cycling, strengthening exercises, and three-dimensional exercises, including Tai Chi, dance and yoga.

Moreover, the Director of Glasgow City of Science and lead author Prof Tracey Howe, at the School of Health & Life Sciences at Glasgow Caledonian University said in conclusion: “If the research community identified a core group of balance outcomes that were used in all future studies, we would be in a much stronger position to combine individual studies and better understand of which type of exercise is the most effective to improve balance.”



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