How Does UTI Occur?

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Urinary Tract Infection is an ascending infection of the urinary tract. The reason why it is referred to as an ascending infection is because it affects the urinary system in an upward progress. It may start from the outermost part then complicate into the inner organs of the urinary system, more specifically the kidneys. Urinary tract infection occurs as a result of the infestation of a certain bacteria called E. coli. E. coli or Escherichia coli is a resident flora of the intestines, but once it gets in contact with the urinary tract, it can pose the threat of developing UTI.

Signs and Symptoms of UTI

Urinary tract infection can give rise to different signs and symptoms but the most discomforting of all these is the pain and burning sensation that one may feel during urination. Bladder fullness and increased urinary frequency may also occur as a result. Unlike the normal appearance of the urine, a person with UTI may notice a cloudy and foul smelling urine output. Once your doctor diagnoses UTI, he or she will prescribe you with antibiotics as well as urinary analgesics to lessen the pain. However, before we get to the specifics of UTI remedies, it is important to be aware of the risk factors and causes of UTI.

  • Unhygienic Practices. Most of the time, UTI reflects the hygiene of the person. A person who doesn’t wash his or her perineal area properly will most likely suffer from UTI in cycles. Many women fail to understand the proper way to clean their perineum. The correct way should be from the urinary meatus/ vagina down to the anus, and not the other way around. The reason why it should not be the reverse is because the causative agent for most cases of UTI, E. coli, is found in the intestines including the anus. With direct transfer of these bacteria from the anus to the urinary meatus, UTI is most likely to happen.
  • Use of Wrong Undergarment Fabric. Cotton is the most recommended type of fabric. This is due to the adequate amount of ventilation that cotton fabric gives to our skin and body. People who make use of other fabrics as their undergarments like velvet, silk, etc are prone to developing UTI. Under-ventilated areas in the body are most likely to harbour growth of harmful microorganism, especially if the said area is moist and dark.
  • Underlying Obstructive Diseases. Obstructive diseases also play a part in the development of UTI. For example, a person who has bladder stones will have impairment in passing out urine, in such a way that there may be urine residues in the bladder. When urine stays in the bladder for some time, bacteria may develop there and may infect the urinary tract.
  • Overuse of Feminine Wash. Overuse of feminine wash changes the normal environment inside the perineal area. The normal pH of the vaginal area will be modified, leading to infestation of opportunistic bacteria.

UTI has a tendency to occur frequently and exacerbate—most especially among women. Be sure you are aware of these common causes in order to avoid acquiring this disease and getting future recurrences.




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