How Friends Can Benefit Our Psyche

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Have you ever asked your friend to stand by you? This is a refrain which is very general when it comes to friends and friendship. But a new study puts forward that this concept goes beyond pop music, as it results in real psychological and physiological benefits. The company of a best friend affects children directly if they are going through negative experiences. This study was printed in the journal Development Psychology and was organized with researcher’s collaboration at University of Nebraska, Omaha and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical care. Feelings of self-worth and a hormone called cortisol which is secreted naturally by the adrenal gland in straight response to tension and stress are mainly reliant on the social background of a negative experience.

It has been proved that if you have a best friend with you in your negative and tough times, it helps in improving the health of mind and body. If an individual is alone when he or she is into some trouble with the principal or happens to get involved in an argument with a school fellow, we can notice measurable augmentation in the levels of cortisol and decrease in the emotion of self-worth. Around 48 girls and 55 boys from grade 5 participated in the study. They were asked to keep a record on their experiences and feelings for a period of four days and then they were also asked to submit their saliva regularly which monitored the level of cortisol.

However it has been proved that friendships cannot help in protecting later adjustment difficulties, the study also proves that presence of a friend in the life of a child who is undergoing negative experience helps him emotionally and results in healthy mind and body. Secretion of cortisol in excessive quantity can result is imperative physiological changes, decreased bone formation and immune suppression. This increased level of stress can also slow down the growth of the child. Researchers say that whatever we learn about ourselves in our childhood is how we shape ourselves as adults. How we see ourselves as adults comes from the manner in which we individuals built up our emotion of self worth.



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