How healthy is popcorn?

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As the name suggests, the popcorn is made from corn. The corn is dried and then heated and thus its inside part expands and turns into popcorn.

Corn expands because (like sorghum, quinoa and millet) its core has a sealed coating of moisture and a dense starchy inside part. This facilitates the pressure buildup inside the grain of corn to the point where it “explodes”.

There are certain types of specially grown corn for popcorn.


1. Overview
2. How nutritious is the popcorn?
3. How the popcorn can be prepared in a healthy way?
4. Servings and calories

How nutritious is the popcorn?

Popcorn is high in fiber which stimulates the digestive system function, and its heart is low in fat and contains no sugar, which means that popcorn is quite low in calories.

Popcorn contain no sodium, therefore, it should be considered a relatively healthy snack. The trap that fools most of the people is that they completely forget about things that are added over popcorn purchased from supermarkets, which can drastically alter its status as healthy food.

If a person would buy a bag of popcorn (over which some butter has been added) from the supermarket, over 60% of the calories will come from fats – and this is a very unhealthy rate.

The healthiest way to enjoy popcorn is to prepare it at home, especially because you can be sure that they do not contain additives and the acquisition cost is lower.

In addition, home cooked popcorn consumed regularly can help prevent cardiovascular disease and cancer, thanks to polyphenols content, an important antioxidant content of corn. Experts believe that high levels of polyphenols in popcorn can be explained by the fact that corn is not processed.

How the popcorn can be prepared in a healthy way?

If you want to eat a healthy snack with great taste, the most important thing is to consider how the popcorn is prepared in those special machines.

Devices that use oil for frying the popcorn are not exactly the healthiest choice because most (about 45%) of popcorn calories come from oil. If you choose a popcorn machine that uses hot air, you’ll obtain a low calorie snack, with only 5% fats – it more suitable for people of any size.

If you prefer popcorn with various additives, there are toppings that can be added after cook and does not contain too much sugar or fat. A small amount of honey could be a natural alternative to using white sugar or caramel.

Servings and calories

One cup of popcorn cooked in a hot air device contains 31 calories, while a cup of popcorn obtained after preparation with a device that uses oil contains 55 calories.



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