How Much Fiber Do You Need In Your Daily Diet?

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These daily doses are recommended:

Children (1-3 years-old) – 19 g
Children (4-8 years-old) – 25 g
Children (9-13 years-old) – 31 g
Men (14-50 years-old) – 38 g
Men (over 50 yers-old) – 30 g
Women (9-18 years old) – 26 g
Women (19-50 years old) – 25 g
Women (over 50 years old) – 21 g
Pregnant Women – 28 g
Breastfeeding Women – 29 g

If daily fiber intake is not enough, it should be increased.
Choose whole grain products, fruits and raw or cooked vegetables, dried beans and peas.

Industrially prepared foods as fruits juice, white bread, pasta, and refined grains do not contain as much fiber. Refining process removes the outer layer (skin) of the grain, thereby reducing the fiber content. The same result is found when skin is removed from fruits and vegetables.



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