How Music Can Heal Our Body

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From world beat to rock, from blues to pop, music has the strength to result much more than result the toe to tap. It can motivate, educate, transport and entertain – and if in the appropriate hands, it can also bring about healing.  A Professor from Concordia University, Sandra Curtis says that music is like medicine. She makes use of music like the tool with which to enter into a deep psychological conversation with people ranging from abused kids to palliative care of patients – Individuals working hard at workplace to women survivors of domestic violence.

Irrespective of the audience, music has the strength delve deeper than the words by telling the patients on the basic level of sound and rhythm. Although it still has to get to the mainstream clientele, this music therapy is something Curtis has been engaged with for more than 3 decades.

After having practiced in places as different as Georgia and Ohio and having taken motivation from the Raging Grannies and preschoolers, she counts again her journey as a therapist of music in this article. Social justice and music therapy: a personal journey was printed in the periodical The Arts in Psychotherapy. The researcher has now started sharing her experiences with extensive audiences as a music therapist which includes colleagues, patients, general society by means of upcoming conference.

The researcher herself cannot wait for the conference to initiate. She is keenly anticipating the dialogue with other individuals who are working in the margins, trenches and outside the box. She expects that the members of the local society shall come forward and join her in the dialogue and help the music therapy reach maximum individuals so that they can benefit from it.



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