How Often Should I Get A Colonoscopy ?

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No doubt you have heard about the somewhat dated equipment that the medical industry uses to check for polyps inside the lower intestine. This check has been given the name of “colonoscopy”. If you have the question; “How often should I get a colonoscopy ?” in the back of your mind at times, read this compelling article and make an informed conclusion.

If you are overweight and are a woman, and living within the United States, you will be one of the people targeted by colon cancer. Women that have a high BMI ( Body Mass Index ) are significantly higher risks for colorectal neoplasia. Other women who are not overweight and men in general are at a lesser risk than obese women. If you are in the obese category, and are a woman, consider getting a colonoscopy yearly or even more often.

If you have a family history of colorectal ( colon ) cancer you should be asking yourself; “How Often Should I Get A Colonoscopy ?”. You may want to also consider what to eat before a colonoscopy. A colonoscopy procedure is one where a lighted tube is inserted into the rectum and a view is afforded to a medical worker ( and likely to you also ). You will be instructed to eat a very light breakfast and to only drink clear liquids after twelve noon if your colonoscopy is in the afternoon. Get a colonoscopy at least once a year.

If you find that you have blood in your stool it is not a time to be asking; “How Often Should I Get A Colonoscopy ?”. You should get down to the office of a medical professional as soon as possible. Here is a tip for you to think about. If you want to make sure your insurance company pays for the colonoscopy, just mention to him or her that you have blood in your stool. Mention the other pains you have had in your intestinal area. A simple change in bowel habits is enough, and your insurance company is going to have to pay for the colonoscopy.



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