How Often Should I Get A Hearing Test?

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Hearing TestA hearing test is no doubt very useful for those who have even a small doubt about the veracity of their hearing. If you have a nagging feeling that one or both of your ears may have a problem, read this article and start asking yourself; “How often should I get a hearing test ?”.

Thre are some variables that affect your hearing that you may not be aware of. The ones you do know about, loud headphones, loud machines at work, rock concerts and the like are all pretty much self-evident. The ones that are not self-evident are interesting. Did you know that consuming Aspartame ( a popular artificial sweetener ) can cause hearing loss ? What´s that you say ? Seriously, you should already be avoiding aspartame like the plague. It is transformed into formic acid ( This is the same poison a fire ant injects. ) inside our bodies. Do you really think it is safe to ingest this ? If you consume Aspartame regularly, it is wise to be asking; “How often should I get a hearing test ?”. For you a hearing exam should be at the very least a yearly event.

Another little-known side effect of smoking is hearing loss. Bad health habits may have even stranger side effects than you think. Nearly every smoker knows that this habit is bad for them. But what about those non-smokers that are breathing in the second-hand smoke ? This means that smokers cause non-smokers to lose their hearing also. If you smoke, please do not do it around others, especially if they are non-smokers. If you do not care about yourself, please care about them. For the smoker, the question; “How often should I get a hearing test ?”, is again, less than every twelve months. If you live with a smoker, the same applies to you, even though it is not your fault. It would be so much easier if people would just put down their cigarettes.

If you are advanced in years and you are having hearing loss, it may not be just because of your age. It has been discovered that the breakdown of calcium usage in the brain stem is a cause of hearing loss. The brain collects and analyzes the neural signals that are given to it from the ears. The brain does no hearing on its own. Therefore, when the brain no longer processes the signals from the ears correctly, hearing loss can result. If you are concerned about getting older and losing your hearing, you can rejuvenate your health and youth by doing something called “juicing”. This is consuming your vegetables in liquid form. A professional doctor online has reported seventy five year old women who look like they are in their forties, because they juiced their vegetables and lived healthy. The lesson here is, if you are not living healthily and are advanced in years, the question; “How often should I get a hearing test ?”, is going to be answered correctly with; “At least once a year or more.”.

Take care of your body and your body will take care of itself. This is a basic rule and your hearing is a part of it.




  1. when i was younger i used to go for hearing tests quite often like every 6 months but i had bad hearing, still have bad hearing. i only went because there was something wrong with my ears therefore if you had good ears then kids wouldn’t go as often. i’d say go only if there is a problem or if you hven’t ha them tested for while and feel like you need to then go

  2. It is definitely important to get yearly physical examinations from your primary care physician, during which they should examine your ears. If you are otherwise healthy, and have no particular hearing complaints, then I don’t necessarily think that you would need to have an audiogram (hearing test) performed. While hearing aides have improved significantly over the past few years, there is still no way to reverse the permanent damage caused from traumatic noise exposure. Thanks for sharing…

  3. Obviously, in case of smoking even if you are not guilty, but your colleague is habitual to smoking, then there are chances that you too may lose you hearing. So, try to be away from those who smoke, and smokers please avoid smoking at least on the public places where you are making others harm also besides making to your own only.

  4. Thanks for sharing this! I have a few kids, and I am not sure how often to have them take hearing tests and eyesight tests. At least I know now that they should visit a hearing clinic once a year. Hopefully this will ensure that they’ll be healthy and happy for a long time!

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