How Often Should I Get A Pap smear ?

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Those women who are confident in the health of their reproductive organs should be interested in this article on; “How often should I get a Pap smear ?“. You will get an original answer from this site, and one to ponder closely.

The Center on Disease Control, commonly known as the CDC, has come out with a blaringly blunt statement. Yearly Pap smears are not necessary. In between the years of 1991 and 1998 an enlightening study was accomplished. Researchers had analyzed close to 130,000 women who had a Pap smear test with results of “normal”. These same women had another Pap test inside the next nine to thirty six months. Many times the women who had a small aberration from normal were given biopsies and other “treatments” that were totally unnecessary. In other words, needless suffering, needless expense, and needless “treatment”. Treatment is to be used for sickness or other health problems. These women had no such sicknesses or health problems. For a quick and explicit answer to the question, the answer is clearly; “Less than once a year.“.

When was this information published ? Believe it or not, it was back in the year 2000. That was ten years ago ! When you think about the above information in light of your personal reproductive health, let it sink in. A Pap smear may do no good whatsoever and may even do more harm than good. Clearly the medical industry is at a disadavantage once again with egg on their faces. If you are being screened annualy because you “were told it was the right thing to do”, please reconsider.

The “Morbidity and Mortality Report” is called the bulletin board of health information for the United States and is the source of the above information. They have graciously provided the information to the public on the dangers of overdoing Pap smears. Indeed, when you ask, “How Often Should I Get A Pap smear ?” a correct response should be, “Once every three years if you are thirty or over.”. If you are under thirty, the correct answer is; “Once every two years.”. The needless treatments mentioned earlier from slightly abnormal Pap smears can cause negative things such as preterm labor for those women who later get pregnant.

The question about how often to be getting a Pap smear is just one of many health questions you should be asking yourself. You should also be asking in other non-medical places that have original remedies for such areas like the reproductive system in women. The internet is a great place for this and this site can be used to understand more about health. Dig in !



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