How Our Sentiments Affect our Brain’s Performance?

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A team of investigators from the Aalto University and the Turku PET Centre have exposed as to how the experiencing strong sentiments synchronize the activity of brain ass across the human beings. The individual emotions are very contagious and seeing the emotional expressions of other individuals like the smiles activates frequently emotional reactions in the observer. This kind of synchronization of sentimental states all across the individuals might back-up the communal interaction: at times when the group members share a mutual sentimental state, their bodies and brains process the surrounding in the same fashion.

How was the research carried?

The investigators from the Aalto University along with the Turku PET centre have now discovered that the feeling of strong sentiment makes dissimilar brain activity particularly synchronous. The findings of the research exposed that particularly feeling a strong unpleasant emotion synchronized the emotion of brain processing the networks in the midline and frontline areas. On the opposite, experiencing elevated arousing event synchronized the brain activity in the networks which support attention, vision, and a sense of touch.

The group behavior and human emotions:

Sharing the emotional states of others provides the observers with a stomata-sensory and neural framework which helps in understanding the intentions and activities of others and even allows to sync or tune in with them. Such mechanical tuning facilitates the communal interaction and team processes, said a professor Lauri Nummenmma from the same university. The findings have main impacts for present neural models of individual emotions and team behavior, however also increases our recognition of mental disorders which engage abnormal socio-emotional processing. The volunteers and their brain activity were calculated with FMRI while they were seeing short pleasant, unpleasant and neutral movies. This project was backed up by Aalto University and Academy of Finland.



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