How Parkinson’s Disease Can Be Cured?

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It is extremely devastating to see any of your close relatives—like your grandparents or parents suffering from degenerative conditions. Degenerative conditions are those diseases which are common among the elderly and have the tendency to persist until the person dies. One of the most common degenerative diseases among the elderly is Parkinson’s Disease. This certain disease is earlier known as shaking palsy because of the shakiness that an affected person exhibits or manifests.

Parkinson Disease is due to the death of brain cells which are responsible for the production of Dopamine—an important chemical mediator which is necessary in the transmission of impulses from the brain to the muscles of the body. A deficiency in the amount of Dopamine in our bloodstream can lead to transmission disorders thus, the signs and symptoms of Parkinson Disease become evident.

Parkinson Disease is characterized mainly by tremors (while a person is resting), unusual slowness of movement (bradykinesia), shuffling gait (festination), stooped posture and muscle rigidity. These symptoms are outright manifestations of a person suffering from Parkinson Disease. The question now is—can Parkinson Disease be cured effectively? Here are some information which will tackle about how Parkinson Disease can be managed.

Are There Absolute Parkinson Cures?

The answer is an astounding NO—there are no available Parkinson Cures as of this moment. We have to understand that in a patient with Parkinson, the brain cells die. These cells, like the heart cells are not capable of regenerating. When they diet—they absolutely expire and no replacement occurs. This is the main reason why Parkinson’s Disease is a degenerative and progressive disorder.

Parkinson signs and symptoms may start to manifest when 80% of the brain cells are affected. Thus, it is important to be very vigilant and keen in identifying possible early signs and symptoms of Parkinson disease to employ the best possible Parkinson cures.

What Parkinson Cures Can Be Employed?

Medications. Drugs which mimic the effect of Dopamine like Levodopa, Dopamine Agonists and MAO-B Inhibitors and COMT Inhibitors can be prescribed. These drugs function the same way Dopamine does, however, these may come with side effects like Extra-Pyramidal Symptoms.

Anticholinergics are another group of drugs that can be prescribed. These drugs lessen the incidences of tremors and muscle rigidity. Side effects like dry mouth, constipation and confusion may occur when taking anticholinergics.

Parkinson Surgeries. Surgical procedures may also be performed like Ablation Therapy—a procedure wherein the defective area of the brain is removed or destroyed fully. Deep brain stimulation is another form of surgery wherein an electrode is implanted into the affected area of the brain. These electrodes stimulate the affected area of the brain to function properly. Another form of Parkinson cures is through stimulating the affected areas of the brain with small amount of electricity. This is done through a fine probe and the patient is awake during the procedures.

These Parkinson cures are not all absolute in curing Parkinson Disease and will only help lessen the signs and symptoms of the disease, if not prevent further damage of the brain cells.



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