How To Calculate One’s Work Addiction?

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Investigators from United Kingdom and Norway have developed a recent instrument to calculate work addiction. The recent instrument is dependent on the main elements of addiction which are acknowledged as detected criteria for many addictions. Certain individuals appear to get carried away to work compulsively and excessively. These are also denoted as work alcoholics or work addicts. With the rise of globalization, blurred boundaries and advanced technology amid personal and work life, we are facing an enhanced work addiction. The researcher Andreassen leads the group which has established the recent instrument and which is the initial of its kind all across the world. Numerous researches have displayed that the work alcoholic has been linked with insomnia health issues, stress and burnout along with creative conflict amid the family and work life. The Bergen work Association Scale is mentioned in an article in the renowned periodical.

Self Testing- Work Addiction:

By evaluating themselves with the scale, individuals can ascertain if their degree work is addiction, mildly addicted, non-addicted or work alcoholic. 12315 employees from Norway from around 25 industries took part in this research and measured their level of work addiction. The scale reflected 7 core elements mentioned as below:

  • Mood modification
  • Salience
  • Tolerance
  • Conflict
  • Withdrawal
  • Relapse and
  • Issues

The findings display that the scale is very reliable distinguishing amid the non-work alcoholics and work alcoholics. The scale might also add value to work addiction practice and research, especially when it comes to providing treatment and evaluating prevalence of work addiction in the normal populace all across the world. This researcher of the researcher displays that scoring of “always” and “often” on 4 items out of 7 items might recommend that you are a work alcoholic.



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