How to choose healthy food while dining out (going out)

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The food we eat at restaurants are usually tastier than the food we eat at home. This is because the food at the restaurant has a lot of flavoring agents which are high on fat content. But today with the increasing importance given by people over healthy food some of the restaurants also have started agreed to go the healthy way.

So people who would want to have a healthy diet can also go out and dine. With these changes it has become easy to choose healthy food while you are dining out.

Prerequisites for choosing healthy food while eating out are:

  • Learn about your body and how much calorie it needs everyday.
  • Identify food items that are low on calorie yet tasty.
  • Identify restaurants who offer healthy food in their menu.
  • Once you are at the restaurant navigate the menu and look for healthier options.

Some of the healthy substitutes are:

  • Ask for sauces to be served in a side table to restrict the use of it while eating.
  • Use salsa or mustard instead of mayonnaise or oil
  • Replace butter and margarine by olive or canola oil
  • Dink low fat milk instead of whole milk
  • Order more of boiled food than fried
  • Give more priority to salads and vegetable than French fries
  • Ask for fruit salads instead of chocolate dipping desserts
  • Instead of cream for your coffee use half cream or half milk
  • Go for fresh food rather than preserved as preserved ones are high on sodium
  • If your plate is mounted with food then finish the food that satisfies your hunger. The rest can be packed for home. As eating small amount of food in small intervals do less harm than eating a lot in longer intervals.
  • Pizza lovers should try a thin crust with mushrooms, green pepper, tomato, olives
  • A healthy food also includes boiled eggs, French toast, low fat yogurt, steamed shellfish, sea food cocktail, raw and marinated vegetables and soups



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